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Conventionally attractive meaning: What does conventionally attractive mean?

When we talk about having conventionally attractive traits, we typically mean characteristics that the general public finds to be visually acceptable. These could be appealing physical characteristics, actions, or personality attributes in a possible spouse.


These are just a few of the characteristics that make someone attractive according to how contemporary culture defines it, along with wonderful smiles, charisma to spare, symmetrical facial features, and curves galore.

Signs You’re Conventionally Attractive

Conventionally attractive

1. You are attracted by other attractive people.

If other individuals who are considered to be attractive want to date you, that is the clearest indication that you are appealing. Does Tinder connect you with attractive men? This is a hint.

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This one isn’t necessarily as revealing, though, because you can be too handsome for people to ask you out (they’re intimidated!) or you might frighten them with your personality.

2. You smell nice

Though it may seem strange to assume that your perfume could enhance your attractiveness, it is real. According to research, the more attractive you scent, the more people will approach you.


3. People frequently admire you

Everyone is staring at you wherever you go. You constantly notice people glancing at you, whether you’re at the mall, the bank, the gym, or the pool, and it might make you feel self-conscious. Unless you’re doing anything unusual, like walking around in a huge furry bathrobe and fuzzy slippers, odds are that people are staring at you because you’re cute.

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Conventionally attractive

4. People on social media really love your images.

Despite this, this isn’t a foolproof warning. Don’t worry too much if your selfies aren’t receiving hundreds of likes from your followers; they may simply not enjoy taking selfies. That or you might not have many fans.

Either way, social media isn’t always a good judge of your attractiveness. Remember, all those likes don’t mean much in person.

5. And you’re always grinning

You have a contagious optimism and the capacity to constantly see the positive side of things. You typically have a genuine smile on your face wherever you go. That is really pleasant in addition to being gorgeous. You come across as accessible, carefree, and a complete joy to be around.

6. If you think you’re gorgeous, you probably are

In all honesty, if you think you’re gorgeous, others will agree. One of those situations where you can “fake it ’til you make it” People will treat you like such if you start acting as though you are attractive.

The cycle will continue if they treat you as though you are attractive because then you will begin to believe it more. See how effective that is?

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7. You exude assurance

Your mindset often makes you more attractive than your outward appearance. People will be drawn to you if you give off a confident attitude that stops short of being cocky. Flaunt your confidence since most men find it attractive!

8. If you click with someone, you’re appealing no matter who you are

He obviously finds you appealing if you and the man you’re currently dating seem to have a lot of chemistry. Occasionally, but not always, the attraction comes first. Sometimes your chemistry improves with time and the attraction increases. In either case, he likes you a lot!

9. You get preferential treatment

Although you might not even be aware of it, this is unmistakably a symptom of being conventionally attractive. Science has established that attractive people enjoy better lives.

They are perceived as happy and healthier even when they are not, which increases their likelihood of employment, and they also frequently earn more money. It’s a good omen if you observe that [insert your name here] always appears to come up.

The Interesting Part About Being Conventionally Attractive

Believe it or not, a happy, healthy relationship depends on attraction, and it has nothing to do with vanity. When your partner satisfies this ideal of conventional attractiveness, your relationship is more likely to encounter both distinct benefits and problems. It also doesn’t matter if you consider yourself to be conventionally attractive.

Imagine going out to dinner with your lovely date to a hip new restaurant where a lot of people are waiting and standing around in the lobby. As you wait to be seated, you notice that several other diners, particularly those of the opposite sex, are noticing your beautiful date, and one individual even approaches you two and tries to make small talk by flirting with your date. Rude!

Conventionally attractive

Depending on how secure or confident you are, there’s a good chance that at first, it will seem like fun (because you’re the one holding the attractive man/woman on your arm), but gradually it will get a little annoying how much other people swoon over him/her or hit on them in public.

The anxiousness that comes with it may be the worst negative. No matter how comfortable you feel, getting unwanted advances from others can be frustrating. You struggle with ferocious jealousy and the worry that they might go or that you aren’t “hot enough” to keep them.

Additionally, you might start eating more or less than normal, smoking more or drinking more alcohol, having trouble falling asleep, etc.

There is also the added consideration that attractiveness is not cheap. Male and female individuals who adhere to the norms of beauty tend to be high maintenance.

Of course, some people are inherently gorgeous and keep it under wraps, but a higher number feel they have to put in extra effort to maintain their attractiveness.

This implies that the woman might require the time and money for body treatments, skin care routines, hair care, shopping, etc., while the man might require a lot of time to visit a spa or salon for manscaping and grooming, work out at the gym, and possibly even go on shopping trips that are competitive with your own.

A person is more likely to develop other areas and characteristics of their personality the less conventionally attractive they are because they can’t rely entirely on their appearance.

The conventionally gorgeous, however, are not under any obligation to wow anyone…Their appearance alone makes them incredibly remarkable. They won’t take commitment seriously and won’t feel the need to put forth the necessary effort to maintain the connection.

In fact, if they feel they are not getting the most out of you, they will probably cheat. Because they can and are aware that they can, they cheat.

Even more, the sex may not even be that great as they won’t want to take the responsibility to spice things up in the ‘other room’. They do not see the need to bring their A-game as their looks already are their A-game. They really have nothing to make up for in bed.


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