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6 Great Snacks You Ate As a Child But Would Probably Hurt You Now

You have to agree with me, that when you were a child, you ate some really insane snacks. You got away with it because children are God’s natural blessings and can survive anything.


Now that you are an adult, if you try to take those things now, your organs will shrivel up and die, causing your body to pack up. Why? Because adulthood is a ghetto and your body weakens as you get older.

In this article, I will notify you 6 great snacks you ate as a child but would have probably hurt you now:

6 Great Snacks You Ate As a Child

1. Robo Robo

6 Great Snacks You Ate As a Child
Robo Robo (Facebook)

This stuff was an M&M’s that never made it out of the hood. It is an amazing stuff, and I definitely recommend it for an adult that is trying to get a cavity.

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2. Telephone juice

Great snacks you ate when you were a kid
Telephone Juice (Zikoko!)

This thing tasted like they rinsed the containers and added gutter water to it. Why did we enjoy it so much?

3. Milk or any other dairy products

6 Great Snacks You Ate As a Child
Milk (Pinterest)

For whatever reason, we adored milk when we were kids. Like, why did we feel weak when it comes to milk? One moment you are drinking milk in your cornflakes as a child, the next, you are canceling plans because the yogurt you had three days ago is quite literally kicking your ass.

4. Goody Goody

6 Great Snacks You Ate As a Child
Goody Goody (Facebook)

Goody goody tasted great, to be honest. If I could actually find it, I would buy it again. But as an adult, if I take it again, I would probably end up in the ER and ICU ASAP. My body can’t handle it again. Plus the way it sticks to your teeth.

5. Nutri C/ Eve

6 Great Snacks You Ate As a Child
Eve (Zikoko!)

Why did our parents make us drink this? This thing can feed a party of 30 people, and we are out here pouring two sachets into our 50cl bottles. Jesus Christ!!

6. Baba Dudu

6 Great Snacks You Ate As a Child
Baba dudu (Pinterest)

Remember when you could buy one roll of baba dudu after school and lick away all your sorrows until your jaws started to ache? Well, that memory should be enough for you because if you try taking it now, you are getting multiple trips to the toilet.


That’s it, folks. The 6 great snacks you ate as a child that would probably hurt you now. So, beware of the dangers.

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