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In the Nashville suburb of La Vergne, four American police officers were fired for allegedly having sex while on duty with a female officer, who was also sacked.

After it was discovered in December that La Vergne Police Department patrol officer Maegan Hall “engaged in a sexual relationship” with at least four male officers, she is at the center of the inquiry.


According to the investigation, other patrol officers Juan Lugo-Perez, Lewis Powell, Detective Seneca Shields, and Sgt. Henry Ty McGowan all admitted to the allegations. Shields claimed he had oral sex with Hall while on duty in the department’s gym.

The married Hall is also accused of baring her breasts while partying on a boat on Memorial Day with suspended patrol officer Patrick Magliocco and other officers David Durham and Eric Staats.

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Before the two leaving to have sex in the bathroom, Magliocco claimed that Staats, Durham, and Hall were in the hot tub together when Hall’s top came off.

After sharing sexually explicit photographs with Hall, K-9 officer Larry Holladay and patrol officer Gavin Schoeberl were also suspended and accused of sexual harassment.

On Staats’ boat, where the hot tub party was held and some of the spouses of the male officers were also present, Magliocco was spotted pouring vodka down Hall’s neck just before she removed her top.

According to the investigation, Staats assisted in re-putting Hall’s top on because “he was trying to protect her.”

When they were on the boat, Hall gave Magliocco oral sex after dragging him into the bathroom and asking if he “wanted to f.” According to the investigation, Hall was honest about her interactions with the other officers and once boasted to Magliocco about Officer Powell’s d after engaging in oral sex with him while on duty.

According to Durham and Staats, they weren’t in an improper relationship with Hall.
Powell, who is married, at first repeatedly denied having sex with Hall and said that “everyone knows she has multiple partners.” Later, he came clean.

On December 13, Magilocco admitted to the police that he and his wife had been having an open relationship with Hall since the spring of 2022.
He disclosed that Hall’s husband had once seen them together and had objected to their open relationship.
The report states that “at one party, Hall and Magliocco’s wife started kissing and Hall’s husband entered the room and seemed upset.”

Hall requested other officers to lend her money so she could reserve hotels, and it appeared that she concealed her sexual encounters from her husband.
Magilocco admitted to being worried about Hall’s mental health because she drove home “drunk” from his house party in early December after being very inebriated.

The report states that Hall “voiced “destructive sentiments” and repeatedly said that she shouldn’t be alone.”
On December 8, Magilocco informed the department of his worries.
Officer Holladay, who was fired for emailing pornographic photographs, was informed by Hall that she occasionally had “bad days.”
Holladay admitted to investigators that there was “heavy drinking” when he once hosted Hall and other officers to watch football at his house.

The report’s heading reads, “Holladay reported that there was talk of a threesome with him, Hall, and Holladay’s ex.” ‘The party went off without a hitch, according to Holladay.
The cop acknowledged seeing Hall for sex in hotel rooms and engaging in a sexual connection with her. They last spoke in the middle of November.

Hall had met with her husband and another woman at Officer McGowan’s house before she was formally appointed to the force.

Hall had removed her clothing along with the other female applicant at the moment.
The article states that Hall’s spouse “got upset.” McGowan acknowledged taking a picture of his penis while Hall was there during that visit. Hall received the image from him.
McGowan acknowledged receiving sexual images and videos from Hall but denied having sex with her.
Another worker claimed that while she was on duty, McGowan approached her and choked her.
Due to charges of sexual harassment and workplace violence, he was fired.

Except for Holladay, who she insisted she had only ever had sex with at his home or in hotels, Hall initially denied having intercourse with any of the other men.

However, she acknowledged that she had “sent nude images to other officers on duty, including Holladay, Magliocco, and Officer Schoeberl.”

Later, she changed her story and admitted to knowing Magliocco, but she denied knowing his wife.
According to the article, “Magliocco and Magliocco’s wife had discussed having a threesome, but nothing ever happened on that topic.”

Additionally, Hall acknowledged having sex with Powell and Lugo-Perez. Initially denying the allegations to the investigators, Lugo-Perez subsequently acknowledged having sex with Hall at the Go Cart USA in Murfreesboro.

Additionally, he admitted to exchanging naked photos with Hall. Despite McGowan’s resistance and denial, Hall admitted to having a relationship with him that had persisted.

According to the report, “Hall confirmed she had sex with McGowan twice, most recently on [December 4] at his home in La Vergne.”

‘Hall claimed that she and McGowan had been “close for forever” and that at one point he had advised her to “use me” if she ever want sexual relations. Hall said that she and McGowan would exchange nude photos.

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