20 Funny Names of Churches In Nigeria That Will Make You Laugh

Note that this post is not to make jest or mock any Religion whatsoever, it’s just to show us some Church names which actually sounds funny. Let’s go:

In Nigeria, you can find some creatively named churches that add a touch of humor and uniqueness to the religious landscape. Here are some funny church names that might bring a smile to your face:

  1. “The Lord’s Gym Church” – Where you can “exercise” your faith!
  2. “Holy Rollers Assembly” – For some enthusiastic worship and prayer!
  3. “Miracle Unlimited Church” – Where miracles are the norm, not the exception!
  4. “Fire for Fire Ministries” – Bringing the heat of the Holy Spirit!
  5. “Chop and Quench Deliverance Ministry” – A unique name inspired by local lingo.
  6. “No Carry Over Chapel” – No unfinished business here; all prayers get answered!
  7. “Prayer City of Laughter” – A place to find joy in the Lord!
  8. “Run for Your Life Ministries” – A warning to sinners to turn to God!
  9. “Sword of Fire Ministry” – Armed with the Word of God for spiritual battles.
  10. “Final Bus Stop Church” – Where your spiritual journey ends in salvation.

It’s worth noting that these names are meant to be lighthearted and creative, adding a sense of fun and humor to the religious landscape. Churches in Nigeria, like anywhere else, serve as places of worship, teaching, and community, and they play a significant role in the lives of their members.

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Funny Names of Churches In Nigeria

11. Guided Missiles Church

Funny Names of Churches

This name really amazed me when I saw it for the first time. I tried to imagine how does God have to do with Missiles? I don’t understand…

12. Laboratory Church of God

Funny Names of Churches

Lols.. Laboratory? Like is the founder of the church a scientist ? or has he just heard the name for the first time and he feels it’s a holy name? Lmao..

13. The Devil’s Hunter Ministries

Funny Names of Churches

Wow, we have the city hunters, the animal hunter, but these ones are the Devil Hunters. Like they hunt Devil himself, maybe face-to-face hunting, who knows?

14. Run For Your Life Ministry

Funny Names of Churches

Imagine yourself entering this church for the first time without looking at the name, what will you do when you later discover the name? If I’m the one oo, I will just do as I was told; I will run for my life.

15. Helicopter Of Christ Ministry

Funny Names of Churches

Lols. I wonder if Jesus ever had a helicopter or that he instructed someone to buy or use a helicopter. This Church in Kenya is a very popular one. These people are funny shaa.

16. Jet Fighter Ministries

Funny Names of Churches

Lols, I think it’s now a competition. Jet Fighter vs Helicopter Ministry. It’s just so funny.

17. The Glory Hole Church Centre

Funny Names of Churches

I heard from people that do watch porn very well that glory holes is a not so holy hole, though I don’t know what it means too. But how could the founder of the Church name the church that?

18. Little Hope Baptist Church

Funny Names of Churches

Wait, do these people just name their Church LITTLE HOPE? I thought a Church is supposed to be a place of hope, like how come?

19. El Shaddai Shall Not Die Ministries

Funny Names of Churches

Like seriously? What’s this? I thought El Shaddai was like a Hebrew word or something, is this founder really okay? I’m not sure..

20. For this, the quote on the signpost is even funnier.

Funny Names of Churches

Or didn’t you see that? The Sunday Message.. wow, these people are comedians..

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