List of Bible names that start with J and their meaning

This article contains a list of Bible names that start with J and their meaning in English transcription. If you are looking for a cool Christian Boy name that starts with J for your male child, then you are in the right place. The vast collection of names was created to provide you with assistance regarding the naming process for your newborn.

The best part of this list is that all the names listed below are organised in alphabetical order, so you can easily find their meaning.


List of Bible names that start with J and their meaning

  1. Jaakan: Tribulation, the labor he twists, he shall surround, intelligent
  2. Jaakobah: Supplanter, deceiver, the heel
  3. Jaala: Ascending, a little doe or goat, wild goat
  4. Jaalam: Hidden, young man, heir, whom God hides, concealer, he will be hidden
  5. Jaana: Answering, afflicting, making poor, whom Jehovah answers, mourner, Jehovah answers
  6. Jaasau: Doing, my doing, whom Jehovah made, fabricator, Jehovah makes,
  7. Jaasiel: God’s work, whom God comforts, made by God, God is the maker
  8. Jaasu: Created
  9. Jaazaniah: – Whom the Lord will hear, whom Jehovah hears, Jehovah does hear, may God hear’
  10. Jaazah: Jaazar, Jazer, assistance, helper, Jehovah helps
  11. Jaaziah or Jaaziel: The strength of Jehovah, sprinkling of the Lord, whom Jehovah expidates – God consoles or determines, may God strengthen,
  12. Jaaziel: God is determining or consoling, may God strengthen,
  13. Jabal: Which glides away, stream, “the father of such as dwell in tents and have cattle” (Genesis 4:20). This description indicates that he led a wandering life. A shepherd a river, moving or which glides away, stream
  14. Jabbok: Evacuation, dissipation, wrestling
  15. Jabesh: Dryness, confusion, shame, a dry place, dry,
  16. Jabez: Sorrow, trouble, he makes sorrow or height, sorrow,
  17. Jabin: Jabneh, whom God observes, discerner, the wise, God discerns or intelligent, he understands
  18. Jabneel: Building of God, built by God
  19. Jachan: Wearing out, oppressing, afflicting or troublous, affliction,
  20. Jachin: He that strengthens and makes steadfast, he shall establish, he does establish or founding, established
  21. Jacob: “Supplanter” or “He who grabs the heel” (referring to his holding onto his twin brother Esau’s heel at birth).
  22. Jada: Knowing, wise
  23. Jadau: His hand, his confession, favorite or friend
  24. Jadon: He will judge, thankful, he that rules or abids,
  25. Jaddua: Known, very knowing,
  26. Jael: A goat, agile
  27. Jagur: Husbandman, stranger
  28. Jah: The everlasting abbreviation of Jehovah
  29. Jahaleel: Praising God, the light of God
  30. Jahath: Broken in pieces, descending, revival, or grasping
  31. Jahaz: Jahazah, quarrel, dispute
  32. Jahaziah: Jahzeiah, the vision of the Lord, Jehovah reveals, Jehovah sees,
  33. Jahaziel: Seeing God, whom God watches over, beheld by God, God sees or reveals
  34. Jahdai: Guide or directs
  35. Jahdiel: The unity, or sharpness, or revenge, of God, union of God or God makes glad
  36. Jahdo  – I alone, his joy, his sharpness of wit, his newness, union,
  37. Jahleel: – Waiting for, or beseeching, or hope in, God, God waits or God does grievously afflict
  38. Jahmai: – Warm, making warm, Jehovah protects,
  39. Jahzeel: Jahziel, God hasteth, or divideth, God apportions or distributes,
  40. Jahzerah: Jehovah protects or may he lead back,
  41. Jair: My light, who diffuses light, Jehovah enlightens, arouses or who diffuses light
  42. Jairus: He will enlighten or diffuse light
  43. Jakan: Same as Achan
  44. Jakeh: Pious or hearkening
  45. Jakim: Rising, confirming, establishing
  46. Jalon: Tarrying, murmuring, abiding, lodger
  47. Jambres: Poverty, bitter, a rebel
  48. James: Same as Jacob, the Greek form of Jacob, supplanter (to take the place of another, as through force, scheming, strategy, or the like)
  49. Jamin: Right hand, south wind
  50. Jamlech: Reigning, asking counsel
  51. Janna: Jannes, who speaks or answers, afflicted, poor
  52. Janoah: Janohah, resting, tarrying, deriving, rest
  53. Janum: Sleeping
  54. Japhet: Enlarged, fair, persuading
  55. Japheth: Same as Japhet
  56. Japhia: Enlightening, appearing
  57. Japhlet: Japhleti, delivered, banished
  58. Japho: Fairness, comeliness
  59. Jarah: A wood, honeycomb, watching closely
  60. Jareb: A revenger
  61. Jared: A ruling, commanding, coming down
  62. Jaresiah: The bed of the Lord, the Lord hath taken away, poverty, whom Jehovah nourishes
  63. Jarib: Fighting, chiding, multiplying, avenging
  64. Jarmuth: Bearing, or seeing, or throwing down, death
  65. Jarvah: Breathing, or making, a sweet smell
  66. Jashem: Jashen, ancient, sleeping
  67. Jasher: Righteous, upright
  68. Jashobeam: The people sitting, or captivity of the people
  69. Jashub: A returning, a controversy, a dwelling place
  70. Jasiel: The strength of God, whom God made
  71. Jason: He that cures, He that will cure, one who will heal
  72. Jathniel: Gift of God, whom God gives
  73. Jattir: A remnant, excellent
  74. Javan: Deceiver, one who makes sad
  75. Jazeel: Strength of God
  76. Jazer: Assistance, helper, Jehovah helps
  77. Jaziz: Brightness, departing
  78. Jearim: A leap, woods
  79. Jeaterai: Whom Jehovah searching out, leads, whom Jehovah leads
  80. Jeberechiah: Speaking well of, or kneeling to, Jehovah, whom Jehovah blesses
  81. Jebus: Treading under foot, manger
  82. Jebusi: Trodden underfoot, mangers
  83. Jecamiah: Resurrection, or confirmation, or revenge, of the Lord, whom Jehovah gathers
  84. Jecoliah: Perfection, or power, of Jehovah, able through Jehovah, The same as Jecholiah: strong through Jehovah
  85. Jeconiah: Preparation, or stability, of Jehovah
  86. Jed, God’s friend
  87. Jedaiah: The hand of the Lord, confessing Jehovah
  88. Jedeiah: One Lord, the joy of Jehovah
  89. Jediael: Knowledge, of God
  90. Jedidah: Well-beloved, amiable
  91. Jedidiah: Beloved of the Lord, beloved of Jehovah
  92. Jediel: The knowledge, or renewing, of God
  93. Jeduthun: His law, giving praise
  94. Jeezer: Island of help
  95. Jegar: Sahadutha, heap of witness
  96. Jehaleleel: Jehalelel, praising God, clearness of God
  97. Jehaziel: Same as Jahaziel
  98. Jehdeiah: One Lord, the joy of the Lord,
  99. Jeheiel: God liveth
  100. Jehezekel: Strength of God
  101. Jehiah: The Lord liveth, Jehovah lives
  102. Jehiskiah: Phe strength, the strength, or taking, of the Lord
  103. Jehoadah: Passing over, the testimony of the Lord, whom Jehovah adorns
  104. Jehoaddan: Pleasure, or time, of Jehovah
  105. Jehoahaz: Possession of Jehovah
  106. Jehoash: Fire of Jehovah, Jehovah, given
  107. Jehohanan: Grace, whom Jehovah gave, a name of which John is the contraction.
  108. Jehoiachin: Preparation, or strength, of Jehovah
  109. Jehoiada: Knowledge of Jehovah
  110. Jehoiakim: Avenging, establishing, or resurrection, of Jehovah
  111. Jehoiarib: Fighting, or multiplying, of Jehovah
  112. Jehonadab: Jonadab, free giver, liberality
  113. Jehonathan: Altation of Jehovah
  114. Jehoshaphat: The Lord is judge, whom Jehovah judges, Jehovah, judged
  115. Jehosheba: Fullness, Jehovah’s oath, Jehovah, swearing
  116. Jehoshua: Same as Joshua
  117. Jehovah: Self, subsisting, I am, the eternal living one, to be, exist, to be, to become, I am who am- hath sent me, I am who am with you,
  118. Jehovah-Jireh: the Lord will provide, Jehovah will see, i.e., will provide
  119. Jehovah-Nissi: the Lord my banner, Jehovah my banner
  120. Jehovah-Shalom: the Lord send peace, Jehovah send peace
  121. Jehovah-Shammah: Jehovah is there, the Lord is there
  122. Jehovah-Tsidkenu: Jehovah our righteousness, the Lord our righteousness
  123. Jehozabad: Jehovah’s dowry, having a dowry Jehovah, given, whom Jehovah gave
  124. Jehu: Himself who exists
  125. Jehubbah: Hiding, binding
  126. Jehucal: Mighty, perfect, and wasted
  127. Jehud: Jehudi, praising, conferring
  128. Jehudijah: The praise of the Lord
  129. Jehush: Keeping counsel, fastened
  130. Jekabzeel: The congregation of God
  131. Jekamean: The people shall arise
  132. Jekamiah: Establishing, or revenging, of Jehovah, whom Jehovah gathers
  133. Jekuthiel: Hope, or congregation, of Jehovah
  134. Jemima: Handsome as the day
  135. Jemuel: God’s day, son of God
  136. Jephthah: Whom God sets free
  137. Jephunneh: He that beholds
  138. Jerah: The moon, month, smelling sweet
  139. Jerahmeel: The mercy, or the beloved, of God
  140. Jered: Ruling, coming down
  141. Jeremai: My height, throwing forth waters
  142. Jeremiah: Exaltation of Jehovah, raised up or appointed by Jehovah, whom Jehovah has appointed
  143. Jeremoth: Eminences, one that fears death
  144. Jeriah: Fear, or throwing down, of Jehovah
  145. Jerebai: Highting, chiding, multiplying
  146. Jericho: His moon, his month, his sweet smell
  147. Jeriel: Fear, or vision of God
  148. Jerijah: Same as Jeriah
  149. Jerimoth: He who fears or rejects death
  150. Jerioth: Kttles, breaking asunder
  151. Jeroboam: He who opposes the people
  152. Jeroham: High, merciful, beloved
  153. Jerubbaal: Let Baal contend with him
  154. Jerubbesheth: Let the idol of confusion defend itself
  155. Jeruel: Fear, or vision of God
  156. Jerusalem: Vision of peace, the habitation of peace,
  157. Jerusha: Banished, possession, inheritance
  158. Jesaiah: Health, or salvation, of Jehovah, salvation of Jehovah
  159. Jeshebeab: Sitting, or captivity, of the father
  160. Jesher: Right, singing
  161. Jeshimon: Solitude, desolation
  162. Jeshishai: Ancient, rejoicing exceedingly
  163. Jeshohaia: Jehovah pressing, the meditation of God
  164. Jeshua: Same as Joshua
  165. Jesiah: Sprinkling of the Lord
  166. Jesimiel: Naming or astonishment of God
  167. Jesse: Gift, oblation, one who is
  168. Jesui: Even,tempered, flat country
  169. Jesu: Savior -deliverer, The Greek form of the name Joshua or Jeshua, a contraction of Jehoshua – that is, help of Jehovah or saviour. Latin: Jesus, Iesus, Iesu, Josue. Greek: Ieous from Hebrew Yeshua. Also means safety, victory, and who’s help is Jehovah or it may be from the verb “Yasha”, “to save,” and = Jehovah Savior, or simply Savior, a late form of Hebrew “yehosua”, the meaning of which is “YHWH is salvation” or “YHWH saves/has saved.” Online definition of “savior.” Latin term drove out Old English “hæland” which means “healer” as the preferred descriptive term for Jesus.
  170. Jether: He that excels
  171. Jetheth: Giving
  172. Jethlah: Hanging up, heaping up
  173. Jethro: His excellence, his posterity
  174. Jetur: Order, succession, mountainous
  175. Jeuel: God hath taken away, God heaping up
  176. Jeush: Jeuz, he that is devoured
  177. Jew: Same as Judah, a man of Judea,[ then  name derived from the patriarch Judah, at first given to one belonging to the tribe of Judah or to the separate kingdom of Judah ( 2 Kings 16:6 , 25:25 , Jeremiah 32:12 , 38:19 , 40:11 , 41:3 )
  178. Jezaniah: Nourishment, or weapons, of Jehovah, whom Jehovah hears
  179. Jezebel: Not exalted.
  180. Jezer: Island of help and power
  181. Jeziah: Jeziel, sprinkling of Jehovah, whom Jehovah expiates
  182. Jezoar- Slear, white
  183. Jezrahiah: Jehovah arises, brightness of Jehovah, produced by Jehovah, a leader of the choir
  184. Jezree: Seed of God
  185. Jibsam: Their drought, their confusion
  186. Jidlaph: He who distills water
  187. Jimnah: Right hand, numbering, preparing
  188. Jiphtah: Opening
  189. Jiphthael: God opens
  190. Joab: Paternity, voluntary
  191. Joachim: Rising or establishing of Jehovah
  192. Joah: Fraternity, brother of Jehovah
  193. Joahaz: Apprehending, possessing, seeing
  194. Joanna: Grace or gift of Jehovah, whom Jehovah has graciously given, grace or gift of God
  195. Joash: Who despairs or burns
  196. Joatham: Same as Jotham
  197. Job: He that weeps or cries, persecuted
  198. Jobab: Sorrowful, hated
  199. Jochebed: Glorious, honorable
  200. Joed: Witnessing, robbing, passing over
  201. Joel: He that wills or commands
  202. Joelah: Lifting up, profiting, and taking away slander
  203. Joezer: He that aids
  204. Jogbehah: An exalting, high
  205. Jogli: Passing over , turning back, rejoicing
  206. Joha (or ”Juha”): Who enlivens or gives life
  207. Johanan: Who is liberal or merciful, whom Jehovah graciously bestows a gift or grace of God, Jehovah is or has been gracious.
  208. John: The grace or mercy of the Lord, Jehovah’s gift: the same name as Johanan, a contraction of Jehohanan
  209. Joiarib: Chiding, or multiplying, of Jehovah
  210. Jokdeam: Trookedness, or burning, of the people
  211. Jokim: That made the sun stand still
  212. Jokmeam: Confirmation, or revenge, of the people
  213. Jokneam: Possessing, or building up, of the people
  214. Jokshan: An offense, hardness, a knocking
  215. Joktan: Small dispute, contention, disgust
  216. Jonadab: Who gives liberally
  217. Jonah: or Jonas, a dove, he that oppresses, destroyer
  218. Jonan: A Dove, multiplying of the people
  219. Jonathan: Given of God
  220. Joppa: Beauty, comeliness, Beauty
  221. Jorah: Jorai, showing, casting forth, a cauldron
  222. Joram: To cast, elevate or elevated
  223. Jordan: The river of judgment, Some translate it as “the descender,” from the Semitic yrd, “to descend”
  224. Jorim: He that exalts the Lord
  225. Josabad: Having a dowry
  226. Josaphat: Same as Jehoshaphat
  227. Jose: Raised, who pardons
  228. Joseph: Increase, addition, remover or increaser, increase, may God add
  229. Joses: Same as Jose, exalted
  230. Joshah: Being, forgetting, owing
  231. Joshaviah: The seat, alteration, or captivity of Jehovah
  232. Joshbekesha: It is requiring or beseeching
  233. Joshua: A savior, a deliverer
  234. Josiah: The Lord burns, the fire of Jehovah
  235. Josibiah: The seat, or captivity of Jehovah
  236. Josiphiah: Increase of Jehovah, Jehovah’s finishing
  237. Jotham: The perfection of Jehovah
  238. Jothath: Jothatha, his goodness
  239. Jozabad: Same as Josabad
  240. Jozachar: Remembering the male sex
  241. Jubal: He that runs, a trumpet
  242. Jucal: Mighty, perfect
  243. Judah: The praise of the Lord, confession, praised, celebrated, praise,
  244. Judas: Jude, same as Judah
  245. Judaea: Judea, same as Judah
  246. Judith: Same as Judah
  247. Julia: Downy, soft and tender hair
  248. Julius: Same as Julia
  249. Junia:  Youth
  250. Jushabhesed: Dwelling,place, change of mercy
  251. Justus: Just or upright, just
  252. Juttah: Turning away

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