Gigi Bryant Autopsy Report, Cause of death & Photos

Gigi Bryant Autopsy Report

On Twitter, Tiktok, and Reddit, Kobe Bryant’s autopsy report and sketches of his daughter Gigi Bryant have become quite popular.


In this post, we’ll cover all you need to know about Kobe Bryant’s autopsy report and the incident that caused his death.

The autopsy report of Kobe Bryant and Gigi is now trending online. It was revealed that an accident claimed the lives of Gigi Bryant and other helicopter passengers.

On Twitter and Reddit, however, there is an infographic of the autopsy report that is going around.

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Fans were shocked by the news and baffled as to how Bryant and the other victims of the disaster could have perished.

Gigi Bryant Autopsy Report

Bryant and the other victims suffered serious trauma, and the Los Angeles County Medical Examiner determined that their deaths were accidental.

On January 26, 2020, a helicopter crashed near Calabasas, California.

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The injuries the collision left behind, including mutilation and burns that left many of its victims unidentifiable, are also described in depth in the autopsy report, which highlights the crash’s heinousness. On the other hand, the accident victims weren’t overlooked.

In this case, the autopsy sketch is significant because it will help the jurors understand the purportedly exchanged pictures.

After all, violating the deceased’s privacy is both illegal and improper in society.

Gigi Bryant Autopsy Report

The investigation states that the helicopter crash’s blunt trauma caused his death. Anatomical details of Kobe’s physical damage are also provided.

Blunt trauma, lethal, including “Blunt trauma of the head,” “Blunt trauma of the chest and abdomen,” and “Blunt trauma of the extremities” are all mentioned in the summary.

The postmortem burns included “extensively burned skin of head, chest, and abdomen,” “30% total body surface area burns,” and “no soot in trachea or bronchi.”

In a helicopter catastrophe in 2020, Kobe Bryant’s daughter Gianna and her father perished. The sketches of her father and the autopsy report have both been widely circulated online.

The cause of death was determined by an autopsy to be blunt trauma. She suffered serious skull fractures, an avulsed brain, and lesions to the upper cervical cord, all of which contributed to her early death.

The at-scene photos were accessible before examination and during the autopsy, according to the report.

Along with these injuries, the calvarium, dura, liver, transected upper cervical cord, left lung, left kidney, spleen, aorta, and heart were also harmed.

But Vanessa Bryant, Kobe Bryant’s widow, has brought legal action against the Sheriff’s Office.

She claims that workers of the county fire and sheriff’s departments “shared photos from the 2020 incident,” according to CNN.

One of the two deputies who arrived on the scene, Johnson, snapped roughly 25 pictures using his personal phone because he wasn’t given a work phone.

Gigi Bryant Autopsy Report
Gigi Bryant Autopsy

Anatomic Summary of the Gigi Autopsy Report:

  • I. Deadly blunt trauma.
  • A. Abrasion to the head.Face, scalp, and neck lacerations abound.
  • 2. Multiple skull and face fractures.
  • 3. The brain is eviscerated.
  • B. Chest and abdomen blunt trauma.
  • Neck, left shoulder, and lower abdomen injuries from a car accident.
  • Multiple rib, spine, and hip fractures. Internal organs are eviscerated.
  • C. Extremity blunt trauma.
  • A. Left arm fractures, multiple.
  • B. Right arm amputation due to trauma. Separate submissions were made for the right forearm and hand.
  • C. Multiple femoral fractures.
  • D. Lower extremity amputation due to trauma. Both feet healed. Burns after death.
  • A. Burned skin on the head, chest, and abdomen. Total body surface area burn (B.30).
  • C. There is no smoke in the trachea or bronchi.


Brutal trauma.

Head trauma is caused by a blow to the head. The face and scalp are flattened but otherwise intact, according to an examination of the head.

The cranial vault is exposed due to a 6 x 5-inch Laceration of the frontal scalp involving the right eye.

There is no evidence of brain matter. The left eye is present, and it appears brown with a congested hemorrhagic sclera.

A 6 x 6-inch laceration on the left lower chin exposes the tongue and multiple fractured mandible segments.

Those fragments had complete teeth.

A 6 x 4-1/2 inch laceration involving the mid to left side of the scalp is discovered on the occipital aspect of the scalp.

A laceration on the right superior parietal scalp has also been noted. A segment of the cervical spine is visible in the exposed neck area.

Multiple fractures can be seen in the hyoid bone and thyroid cartilage.


A large laceration involving the anterior neck, upward chest, and left shoulder area is discovered during a skin examination.

Through this defect, the chest cavity is visible. A 1-1/2 x 1-inch laceration to the right lateral lower chest is observed. The skin is torn beneath the pubic region and anteriorly, and it extends circumferentially toward the back just above the buttocks.

Fractures can be seen in both clavicles, the entire rib cage, the pelvis, and the lumbar and sacral spine.


The left arm is attached and has multiple humerus, radius, and ulna fractures. Lacerations can be found on the axillary region and the mid-upper arm.

An examination of the hand reveals a laceration to both the palmer and dorsal aspects of the hand. The fourth fingernail has become avulsed.

The right arm has been traumatically amputated. The right forearm was submitted separately.

A compound (open) fracture of the radius is visible on the dorsal aspect. The amputation site is characterized by ragged skin and exposed muscle, as well as fragments of the radius and ulna.

Skin slippage is observed on the dorsal surface of the right hand.

A 2-1/2 inch laceration at the base of the thumb can be seen on the ventral side.

The ventral aspect of the forearm is used to identify multiple tattoos.

An examination of the lower extremities reveals complete disruption of anatomic structures, resulting in muscle, tendon, and skin fragmentation.

There is a right femoral head but no femoral condyle. The femoral neck and hip on the left are identified.

A distal femoral fragment with a condyle is visible.

There appears to be a lateral condyle fracture. There are no feet attached to the body.

They are amputated above the ankle traumatically.

Two feet are visible inside multicolored court shoes.

They are distinguished by their shoe size. DNA analysis identifies an amorphous mass of soft tissue as belonging to Kobe Bean Bryant.


Extensive burning of the left temporal parietal scalp, as well as the right superior parietal scalp and the right occipital scalp, is revealed by skin examination.

The entire anterior chest is burned, as is a segment of the left lateral arm and hand.

The back examination reveals focal areas of extensively burned skin in the right midback and lower back.

It amounts to about 30 total body surface area burns in total.

Gigi Bryant Autopsy Report
Gigi Bryant Autopsy Report


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