Is Young MA Pregnant? Who is Young MA Pregnant Girlfriend?

Katorah Marreco, famously recognized by her pseudo name Young M.A, is an American lyricist, energetic rapper, and YouTuber. At the age of 9, M.A started rapping at a corner store in Brooklyn. Young M.A. was asked to joined the cast for the American drama series “Empire as Freda Gatz” but she declined the offer all because she wanted to pursue a career as a rapper.


M.A. has soon become one of the famous names in the music industry after her singles ‘Ooouuu’ and ‘Hot Sauce’ became a hit. Young is into Underground Rap and Hardcore Rap music genres. She was honoured by rapper 50 Cent who made a post on his Instagram about her saying that “M.A’s music was real Tuff”. M.A has also been honored as the Forbes “Hip-Hop Cash Princes” of 2017 for her outstanding lyrics and rapping style.

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Childhood & Earlylife

From a childhood age, M.A. discovered she loves girls instead of the opposite sex. It was with her untill she was open about it at the age of 18. Since then, she has often spoken about lesbianism through a positive lens using her rap music and has been able to overcome some nums.

Young M.A. was born Katorah Marrero on 3rd April 1992 in East New York which is a residential neighborhood in the eastern section of Brooklyn borough in New York City. She didn’t grow up with her father, he was sentenced to jail when she was one year old, and he remained in jail for a decade before being released back to his family. Her mother is responsible for her early upbringing.

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It was when M.A Young was 7 years old that her entire family moved to Chesterfield, Virginia as it provided better school facilities and also her children would remain away from the violence of East New York.

As a little girl, M.A. would take time away from her freinds to write her songs in her music book and in 2001 she began singing them at age 9. She got huge backings from her mum at the time to purchase a karaoke machine that she used to set up as a temporary recording studio in her room. Young’s mother loved listening to reggae and hip-hop music in the house and so, M.A. was inspired towards the genre which helped her establish a solid musical profession.

Her mother and uncle were rappers too but didn’t pursued a rapping career. M.A. mostly scored high grades in school and also joined the football team. She was tomboyish from childhood and loved to play basketball and football.

As a lover of the Air-Jordan basketball clothing and athletic footwear brand, her mother was ready to spoil her with the latest ones. While staying in Virginia, she became the leader of the local rap group named ‘Moneymakers’ M.A. and her family relocated to Brooklyn when she was 16 years old. Sadly, her family lost a member, her elder, who died in 2009 in gang violence in Pennsylvania.

This devastated her and led her into depression and went for three sessions of treatment and also took a break from her music. She has stated that her brother was a father to her.

Is rapper Young MA pregnant?

There have several pappers saying that she is pregnant. There are mere rumors and hence, should not be regarded. As at the time of writing, It appears that Young M.A. is not with any child. Going through her Instagram page shows no sign of the Brooklyn native being pregnant. As of November 3, 2022, Young M.A.’s Instagram stories show that she’s currently enjoying a road trip with her girlfriend, Kaylah Gooden.

Interestingly, Young M.A. who is always in tune with the happening on social media has yet to confirm or deny the rumors. And since she is currently enjoying her trip with her boo.


The pregnancy rumours began after an interview she had on Dish Nation about her future plans.

When asked if she wanted kids, the rapper responded, “Absolutely!” while stating that she’d start a family after marriage.

In response to how many children she wanted, Young M.A responded, “I want a boy first, then a girl. That’s it. I’d rather a boy first.”

She further explained, “I told my girl this. I’d rather a boy first, because he’d be the one taking care of his little sister and he got to hold it down.

“That’s how it was with me and my brother,” she concluded.

Does Young MA Has A Baby?

Is Young MA Pregnant
Pregnancy rumour: I want a boy first, American rapper Young M.A says

The ‘Ooouuu’ hitmaker is not a parent at the moment. She is currently just having a great relationship with her girlfriend. The two haven’t thought of getting a child yet. There have been several speculations concerning her being pregnant and having a child.

Who is Young MA’s Girlfriend?

She is currently in a romantic relationship with her girlfriend and they are living happily together. Kaylah Gooden is the name of her girlfriend, not much is known about Kaylah at the moment.

Young MA Pregnant on Twitter

Young MA’s pregnancy rumors and posts started after a resurfaced interview with her in which she talked about starting a family with her partner. Afterward, there have been several tweets concerning her pregnancy.

Is Rapper Young MA Pregnant FAQs

What is the original name of Young MA?

Katorah Marreco is her full and real name given to her by her parents. She is known as Young MA in her music career.

When was Young MA Born?

She was born on the 3rd of April 1992 in Brooklyn.

What is the Age of Young MA?

She is currently 30 years old and would turn 31 on the 3rd of April 2023.

What is the occupation of Young MA?

She is a rapper and currently doing well in the music industry.

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