Jeff and Sheri Easter Divorce: Did Jeff and Sheri Easter get a Divorce?

The Easters family consists of three children. Jeff and Sheri are a singing husband and couple who perform Southern Gospel music.


The singers’ songs are well renowned for their Southern twang. They were previously devoted to distinct musical ensembles prior to the formation of the pair. Sheri was performing with The Lewis Family, while Jeff was the bassist with Singing Americans.

The couple are legacy musicians, and their ancestors were formerly active in the same trade. Furthermore, their children join them on stage during their performance.

Thank You, Lord, Praise His Name, She Loved, I Won’t Have to Worry, I’ve Been Touched, and You’re My Best Friend are just a few of Jeff and Sheri’s hit songs. In their songs, they primarily share the message of Christ and promote their religion.

These two vocalists are also role models for aspiring Gospel singers such as Kellie and Kristen, female twin singers from Alexandria, Louisiana.

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Their tunes are also well-liked by religious Americans around the country.

Jeff And Sheri Easter Net Worth

Jeff and Sheri alongside their children
Jeff and Sheri alongside their children the duo are also performing Gospel music in their 2023 tour.

Jeff and Sheri Easter’s net worth is estimated to be approximately $5 million. During their 35-year marriage and career, they have sold around 20 million gospel records, according to Easters’ agency.

Jeff and Sheri received a Grammy nomination for their gospel song. They have 31 albums to their credit, including “We Are Family (2009),” “Expecting Good Things (2009),” and “Ever Faithful To You (1995).”

Both of their 2009 albums received the GMA Dove Award for Album of the Year in several music categories such as Country albums and Bluegrass albums. Their three children and their partners, who are also Gospel artists, are carrying on their legacy.

In addition, Jeff & Sheri joins the church mass during their leisure time. They often perform Gospel concerts to masses through their interstate travels. Both of them are honest, charismatic, and benevolent individuals. 

Sheri and Jeff shared the news of the recent birth of the baby of their children on Instagram. Their kids are also band members of Jeff and Sheir. 

Jeff And Sheri Easter Bus Accident

Jeff and Sheri at tour, during their 2011 tour faced a bus accident.
Jeff and Sheri at tour, during their 2011 tour faced a bus accident.

On July 8, 2011, Jeff and Sheri Easter were killed in a bus accident on US Highway 82 in Lewisville. After leaving the event in El Dorado, they were on their way to Mesquite, Texas. Throughout the tour, they were with their children.

According to Sheri, they were on the interstate driving to Garland when Tyler (the driver) observed a headlight approaching their property. He altered directions to avoid a collision, but the opposing driver made a hard right, striking the side of the bus.

The crash included nine persons, and no one was wounded. The Gospel members thanked God and Tyler for saving everyone from the serious danger that was about to happen to their families.

Moreover, the opposite driver who suddenly changed the land was arrested due to his lack of insurance and was charged with DWI charges and taken into custody. 

How Old Is Jeff And Sheri Easter?

The Husband and Wife duo at Costa Maya in their vacation.
The Husband and Wife duo at Costa Maya in their vacation.

Jeff Easter is 53 years old, and Sheri is 49. Sheri was born on October 27, 1963, and Jeff was born on March 18, 1960. They’ve been apart for four years.

They have been happily married for 35 years. Sheri and Jeff have one daughter, Maura, and Jeff has two daughters from a previous marriage, Madison and Morgan.

Sheri appears to adore her three children. Madison is also blessed with his wife Shannon and his son. Morgan, Jeff’s second daughter, is also married to Landan Smith.

Jeff and Sheri’s band includes the entire Easter family; Madison plays guitar and Morgan sings. Shannon and Landon also collaborate on vocal and instrumental tasks.

Furthermore, Jeff is the son of James Easter, who created The Easter siblings with his siblings Ed, James, and Russell, therefore gospel music runs in the Easter family.

Jeff And Sheri’s Easter Songs

Jeff and Sheri Easter Divorce
Jeff and Sheri wishing everyone happy Easter

Jeff and Sheri Easter have released more than 100 songs throughout their career. They have released thirty gospel albums like Sunshine, Life is Great and Gettin’ Better, and Live at Oak Tree. 

The band’s most popular albums were Expecting Good Things, Live at Oak Tree, Sunshine, Ordinary Day, It Feels Like a Christmas Again, Mayberry Live, We Are Family, and Silver Anniversary.

The singers achieved multiple accolades and awards throughout their career which include five dove awards, two Grammy Award nominations, and two International Country Gospel music association awards. 

Furthermore, the husband-and-wife duo’s best songs were as follows;

  • Over and Over
  • You’re My Best Friend
  • If You Listen 
  • You are Loved
  • Send It Down The Nile 
  • Roses Will Bloom Again
  • Praise His Name
  • The Greatest Gift Of All
  • Thank You, Lord, for Your Blessings

Jeff and Sheri Easter Divorce

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