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10 Cruel Nigerian Women Who Killed Their Husbands

In the past few decades, Nigeria has seen significant transformation, and it is also not news that many women experience frequent domestic violence at the hands of men.


While some women view it as usual, others have spoken out against it, and some are discovering that being mistreated by their spouses is not the norm.

While some women have taken dramatic measures to stop such abuse, others have simply been enraged and chosen to vent their anger on their man. It is also common knowledge that there are other methods to resolve conflicts and that there is never a justification for taking another person’s life.

Without wasting time, we present to you a list of Nigerian women who have made the news for killing their husbands.

10 Cruel Nigerian Women Who Killed Their Husbands

1. Rachael Adetsav

Rachael Adetsav, a woman from Benue state, murdered her husband, her three children, and herself before committing suicide. The woman and the couple, who had been having problems for some time, made the decision to overreact. A woman was witnessed attempting to destroy her husband’s car with a pestle, and the neighbors also attested to the frequency of the conflicts.

The dad was found foaming at the mouth, the three children had already died, and the lady, who was also dead, was discovered holding a knife in her hands.

A neighbor of the couple, Sandra Kaso said the mother of three must have first hit the husband on the head with a pestle and, when he was unconscious, cut open his throat before butchering their three children.

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2. Eki Ekhator

The Edo State Police Command detained a middle-aged woman named Eki Ekhator for reportedly killing her husband by violently seizing his scrotum and squeezing it until he passed away.

Residents of the Ukhiri hamlet in the state’s Ikpoba-Okha Local Government Area were stunned by the incident, which occurred as the guy was being transported to a neighboring hospital where he was later pronounced dead.

Every time her husband arrived home later than expected, Eki was reported to have misunderstood him and accused him of having an affair.

According to an eyewitness, “On this occasion, the dead slapped his wife, and the woman rushed for his pants and violently grabbed his scrotum.

“She held on to it even as the man was screaming for help before he later collapsed and was rushed to a hospital, where he was confirmed dead.”

3. Udeme Otike-Odibi

In their Lagos home, Udeme, a lawyer, brutally murdered her husband Symphorosa Otike-Odibi, a lawyer as well. In her confession, Udeme admitted to killing her spouse by severing his testicles.

Udeme was charged with murder and misbehavior involving a corpse on two counts. At their residence in Diamond Estate, Sangotedo, Lekki, Lagos, Udeme fatally stabbed Symphorosa, a fellow attorney, and severed his genitalia from his corpse.

She claimed that the deceased had extramarital affairs and that if she confronted him about it, he would respond in an unsatisfactory manner and with a casual air.

4. Auta Dogo Singe

A woman in Kebbi State’s Bagudo local government area killed her new husband so that she could reunite with her ex-lover. According to the police, the suspect, Auta Dogo Singe, plotted to kill her spouse, Abdullahi Shaho, in order to remarry her ex-husband at Sabon Gari village, Illo district region of Bagudo.

A man named Idris Garba, who lived in the village of Tugar Bature was the woman’s ex-husband. Along with the individuals she planned to murder her husband with, the woman was also arrested.

5. Douglas Ajemine

In the Abalama region of Rivers state, Douglas Ajemine, 41, was detained for murder by members of the Inspector General of Police Special Intelligence Response Team (IRT).

Ajemine, a mother of four and employee of the Rivers State Primary Health Care in the Asari Toru LGA, reportedly admitted to phoning Kingsley Nna, the person who killed her husband. Ajemine allegedly killed Inedugoba Tyger, 40, and buried his body nearby in a shallow grave after leaving her to live with another lady.

6. Temitope Adebamiro

Another Nigerian woman, Temitope Adebamiro, was accused of murdering Adeyinka Adebamiro due to allegations of adultery.

The perpetrator claimed to authorities in New Castle County that her husband had cheated on her numerous times, including with both her sister and their nanny’s child. She originally claimed that her husband had stabbed himself, refusing to take responsibility for the crime.

Adeyinka was discovered in a pool of blood with a knife cut through his neck, according to the police, after the couple’s 1300 block of Healy Court house received a distress call early on Thursday. Within a few hours, Adeyinka passed away.

Temitope told investigators her husband had been cheating on her with various women and had ordered her back to Nigeria multiple times to enable him time to frolic. Temitope, with whom Adeyinka had two children, explained they had been married for more than 10 years, during which time she told investigators that he’d physically abused her, even while pregnant with their children.

7. Eniobong Isonguyo

Eniobong Isonguyo and her pastor plotted to murder her husband, and they were successful. However, they were both captured and given the death penalty.

“The wife of the deceased instructed the pastor to wait along her husband’s commuter route and request a ride from him. The man eventually stopped and gave the pastor a ride along Sapele Road in Benin, proving that the strategy worked. The claimed pastor pulled out a sharp weapon during the trip, struck him in the neck, then opened the gas cap, sucked fuel out, and burned him beyond recognition.

It was proven that the wife gave the said pastor millions of naira in addition to the landed property that belonged to the dead. The judge however sentenced them to death by hanging.

8. Wasilat Tasi’u

Wasilat Tasi’u, 14, is a child bride and a murderer who has served his sentence. In a last-ditch effort to escape the servitude of their arranged marriage, Tasi’u killed her 35-year-old husband Umar Sani, and she could now be sentenced to death.

Isyaku Tasi’u, the father of Wasilat, sought with the Nigerian court of the Kano State Ministry of Justice to overturn Wasilat’s conviction. Two weeks after their wedding, in April, her husband passed away.

She was married to a man she didn’t love, according to a complaint letter that the Nigerian activist Zubeida Nagee delivered to the state deputy governor who was standing next to Tasi’u. Despite her protests, her parents compelled her to wed him.

9. Augustina Ihugba

A mother of four named Augustina Ihugba murdered her husband Raymond in the Imo State region of Owerri North Council. Residents of the Akwakuma Autonomous Community in the Owerri North Council Area were devastated by his passing.

According to reports, the stonemason’s wife killed him after a protracted argument between the two. According to the explanation, the situation escalated when Augustina, who was allegedly carrying acid, attacked her husband on his property in Ubomiri.

“Augustina doused him with acid, set his flame, and then fled for cover. Raymond was taken by ambulance to the FMC in Owerri’s emergency room, where he was later moved to ward 10, where he eventually passed away, according to a witness.

For the sake of decency, we have decided not to share the photos of the victim here.

10. Maryam Sanda

Maryam Sanda was accused of murdering her late husband Bilyaminu Bello, who was the son of Haliru Bello, a former chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

Maryam, who made the statement while being called as a witness in her own trial, said to Justice Yusuf Halilu of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) High Court that she was unable to have murdered her husband because of their intense love for one another.

The federal government is bringing charges against the mother of two for her suspected involvement in her husband Bilyaminu Bello’s death.

The Police had arraigned Maryam for allegedly killing the late Bilyaminu in their residence at Wuse II in Abuja on the night of November 18, 2017 by stabbing him with a knife and dangerous objects.

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