Jess Hilarious Son Age, Father, Siblings

Ashton Amar James is the name of the son of comedian Jess Hilarious. Jess gave birth to a son from a previous relationship with a man whose identity has not yet been made public. Jess, Ashton’s mother, is presently dating Chris, who she met through a mutual friend.


The sole child of the stunning Jess Hilarious is named Ashton. His father’s name is still a mystery, and he has no siblings.

Ashton, the son of Jess Hilarious, graduated from kindergarten.

Jess Hilarious son father

The young Ashton, who just completed kindergarten, is developing daily. When Johnny received his kindergarten diploma, his mother Jess was delighted. We are confident that when Jess’ son Ashton graduates from college in the future, her happiness will know no bounds.

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Ashton, the charming son of Jess Hilarious, gets along well with Chris, his mother’s lover. Chris further posts pictures of Ashton on his social media accounts. The two appear to have a lovely connection.

Not many people are aware, but Ashton, the son of Jess Hilarious, is already famous on social media. The young Ashton had more than 43.9k Instagram followers as of November 2018.

Jess Hilarious son

Although it would take some time for Ashton to catch up to his mother in terms of followers, who knows, he might someday surpass her.

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He frequently posts images of himself having fun. As previously said, the name of the man in the photo, who may be Jess Hilarious’ baby daddy, has not yet been revealed.



And Ashton looks like a mini version of his father.

Controversy Sparked By Nude Photos

When comic Jess Hilarious posted a naked photo from a photo shoot with her son Ashton, it caused a stir. She faced a lot of opposition, and as we all know, many of them were adamant in their opinions on the picture. However, many people tweeted positive things about her and were in her favor.

she’s the mother. I honestly see nothing wrong… you have no place to speak.

— ????? (@dejonrt) February 25, 2017

Ashton Amar James- Name Meaning

The name Ashton is derived from a place name which means “ash tree town.” As for the name Amar it is a named based on Sanskrit ‘amar’ which means immortal.

Jess Hilarious son
Jess Hilarious adores her son Ashton a lot. Photo Source: Jess’ Instagram.


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