Justin Jefferson Baby Mama Scandal – Everything to know

This is what Justin Jefferson’s 24-year-old pregnant girlfriend said when asked if she wanted an abortion.

Although Justin Jefferson of the Minnesota Vikings may be the best wide receiver in the NFL right now, he is having difficulties off the field after messages that went viral showed him telling a 23-year-old girl he had flown to his house to get an abortion.


News has surfaced about Jefferson almost ordering the abortion of a woman he slept with. I know all the inside information because the story has received a lot of attention since that time.

So what happened? Let’s break it down

Justin Jefferson Baby Mama

We’ve been conversing since March, and out of boredom I eventually decided to call him after dubbing him a few times and failing to text him back. The day I texted him in October, he was desperate to see me and asked me to fly to meet him.

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He purchased my $1,000 round-trip first-class ticket solely for that evening because he had practice the next day. I was welcomed by his older brother Jordan, who lives with him when he picked me up from the airport in his shattered windshield, blacked-out Mercedes AMG.

We proceeded downstairs to his basement, where he had set up another living room with cameras all throughout, and as he was rolling up, he asked me if I smoked. I said, “No,” and asked for some alcohol instead. He shared a bottle of Casamigos with me, pouring me half of it.

When the mood become intense, he started playing music, and I danced for him to how many drinks by Miguel. He wanted it right away, but I was greatly bothered by the Ring Cameras, so we went upstairs to his compact but elegant bedroom. You can probably guess what followed next, which leads to our current issue: a baby.

“At first, I suggested abortion out of fear because I’m only 23 and had never given birth before. After visiting the clinic, I became so fearful of what I was about to do that I was unable to even urinate in the cup. I promised the nurses I would return but left the clinic because I couldn’t force myself to.

On a Thursday, the day I was meant to report to work, I felt so unwell and worn out that I had to cancel at the last minute, which led to the news and my termination from my position. Even when I explained that I no longer wanted an abortion and that I was afraid of endometriosis, Justin still pleaded with me to get one.

He didn’t care one bit. I then posted on my Instagram sharing the news and he blocked me. He called and set up a DNA test but didn’t want to do it legally and since I knew he didn’t want the baby, I didn’t trust him to use someone else’s spit to submit as his own.”

“I told him I wasn’t going through with it so he used a girl named Hailee who I suppose is his girlfriend to cover his tracks and put her name instead of his on the test. When I contacted Hailee to tell her to stay out of my business she blocked me along with him and members of their family. Basically, I’ve been blocked by everyone.”

“One random Sunday, when I was texting him to express my sadness over the fact that he had gone so far as to offer me money to get an abortion, he had a lawyer call me. As you are well aware, the attorney was unable to persuade me to abort my child.

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His attorney, Shawn, is a black woman who also worked on the OJ Simpson case and represented Lindsay Lohan. After that, he called me and told me not to say anything before hanging up. He claimed that I was pestering him and attempted to have me jailed, but he made no mention of how he got me pregnant.

As a result, when the lawyer learned the truth, she just ceased communicating with me. I still haven’t heard from him since.”

Jeffersons lawyer Shawn Holley – Hollywood Reporter

Text Screenshots Between Them

Justin Jefferson Baby Mama
Justin Jefferson Baby Mama
Justin Jefferson Baby Mama

Her in Justin’s sweatshirt:

Justin Jefferson Baby Mama

Her plane ticket to see him:

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