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Flamboyant Nigerian, Killaboi, confesses to killing girlfriend years after being arrested for Internet fraud

Killaboi, a well-known Nigerian gambler, has made a stunning confession on social media, admitting to the murder of his fiancée, three years after being arrested by the EFCC for online fraud.


In a series of Instastory posts, the fraudster expressed regret for ruining his life at the age of 26 and made the startling admission that he “mistakenly” stabbed his fiancée following a heated dispute.

However, Killaboi said that after killing her, he ran away out of fear.

The Instagram “big boy” vowed solemnly in his posts to deal with the repercussions of his deeds and was determined to see that justice is served for his deceased lover because he simply could not bear the weight of guilt.

Killaboi IG Confession

Eyewitnesses claimed that when the cops broke through the fence to get inside his residence, they discovered his girlfriend’s mangled body. Her crucial organs allegedly went missing.

She reportedly went missing for a few days before her mother made the decision to visit Killaboi’s home to look for her.

After Killaboi used a stolen card to make an N150 million POS transaction in 2020, EFCC agents detained him. He was located in a motel in Umuahia, where he was detained and unable to flee at the time.


Killaboi IG Confession
Killaboi IG Confession

Minutes after Killaboi’s IG confession, eyewitnesses reveal his girlfriend’s m¥tilat£d b%dy was found in his house with some of her b%dy parts missing

Eyewitnesses claim Killaboi’s girlfriend’s modified b%dy was discovered in his home with some of her b%dy parts gone minutes after the rapper made his IG confession.

According to the eyewitness, two women—Army officers’ wives—and a uniformed army officer arrived at the estate and one of them complained that her daughter is missing and that there is evidence that suggests she is at the estate with someone. When the on-duty mopols approached her, she instructed them to report to the police station.

When they arrived at the address (24a Abiola Apoyin St.), they noticed the girl’s automobile parked there with the key under the hood. They repeatedly knocked but received no response. They went back to the
police post and they were referred to Ajuwe Police Station.

The DPO deployed an IPO to the scene and after severally knocks and no response, they used a ladder to scale the fence and enter, only to discover the m¥tilated body of the girl (with her priv@te part and other parts missing) in the premises.

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