Gabriel Kunh Cuerpo and Daniel Petry Crime Scene

Gabriel Kunh Cuerpo and Daniel Petry Crime Scene

You can examine the crime scene images taken by Daniel Petry and Gabriel Kuhn below. Beginning with an internet swindle in a video game, Gabriel Kuhn’s terrifying murder case narrative begins.
Through the online game Tibia, Kuhn, and Petry became friends.


Petry used to frequently play video games at his house when he was a young child with erratic violent outbursts and expulsion from school due to his actions.

Daniel Petry and Gabriel Kunh Cuerpo met while playing the same game, and they soon began playing on the 12-year-old’s private server together.

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One day, Kuhn promised to return later after asking Petry for $1.75 to purchase 20,000 virtual currency tokens.

Instead of returning the money when Petry requested it, Kuhn barred the 16-year-old from the server and refused to do so.

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Petry was in Kuhn’s home the minute after this infuriated him. Petry was able to convince Kuhn to make amends while he was home alone, and he consented to open the door.

Daniel began beating Gabriel and abusing him sexually a minute later. Kuhn instructed his mother to be informed of everything as he sobbed in bed while wiping away his tears.

The moment the younger lad acknowledged that, Petry assaulted him once more and choked him with the computer plug.

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Gabriel Kunh Cuerpo

Daniel Petry And Gabriel Kuhn Crime Scene Video


After the beating, he believed the youngster was dead, so he sought to conceal the body.

However, because the door was narrow, Kuhn’s body was unable to pass through it, and Petry then began hacksawing the body.

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After becoming asleep, Kuhn awoke and began to scream in agony, but Petry continued to slash at his torso, eventually severing Kuhn’s body in two.

Daniel left the body behind after separating it since it couldn’t fit through the door.

Later, Kuhn’s brother discovered the body, and police soon showed up.
Regarding the crime scene footage, it is not accessible, although there are images of the corpse on Twitter.

Gabriel Kunh Cuerpo

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