Kulosa Meaning: Oxlade “Kulosa” Lyrics MeaningKulosa Meaning:

Kulosa Meaning

According to Oxlade, Kulosa or Ku lo sa means “Closer”. “Kulosa” is the formulated Nigerian word for the English word “Closer”. So, when Oxlade says “Omo, I want make we dey, Kulosa”. He means I want us to be closer”


That’s the meaning of Kulosa

What the lyric is saying:

The lyrics of Oxlade Kulosa first refer to how distance in a relationship hurts Oxlade since he loves the lady I am questioning so much.

Oxlade begs the lady to trust him enough to believe that he adores her.

Oxlade Kulosa’s lyrics appear to be intended to employ the “Kulosa” line as an adlib that makes the song catchy. And, sure, it does work.

Kulosa Meaning

To some extent, the meaning of Oxlade Kulosa’s expressions contributes to the song’s understanding because it talks about how Oxlade makes so many promises to the lady because he loves her so much and doesn’t want to lose her.

He expresses a desire to retire with her. You don’t spend your golden years with someone you don’t adore.

When observing how Oxlade mentions that he knows her father does not like him, but he vows never to break her heart if only she will come closer, the words meaning is fitting for the song.


Yeah yeah yeah
Oh loveee

{Verse 1}
So many reasons whey I wan dey for you my love
Na you I want oo Rita with my love oo
See all the lickle kle things
you do dey make me nuh nuh
This distance is taking a hold of me for sure
Baby come

Ku lu so
Girl I want make we dey (ku lu so)
Ah Girl I wan make we ko lo lo
I for like make you ( ku lu so)
Omo I want make we dey (ku lu so)
Girl I want make we oh no no
I for like make we pull over
Omo pull over
Ku lu so oo

{Verse 2}
Shebi na this kind of things
whey dey make man see yawa (see yawa)
And me I understand say your
dad no like me rara (me rara)
See me I want make you know
say me I dey for you (Gara)
Guarantee oo

And if na the price be that
I for like to see yawa(see yawa)
I never trade you for nothing
This love dey make shapanshi
Without you I no fit love oo

Without without you
Omoge tell me wetin sup gan
I never trade you for nothing
This love dey make me dey stunting
Without you I no fit to love
Omoge tell me wetin sup gan

Omo I want make we dey dey
Omo girl I wan make you
Baby I for like make
Ku lu so oo

Omo I want make we dey oo
Omo baby make we dey
Je ka jo saye baby
Ku lu so oo

{Verse 2}
Oh no
Baby oh no
You make a nigga go loco
You make a yanga boy go loco
You make a young boy go loco
Ku lu so

(You make a boy go loco)
See I never trade you for nothing
This love make me dey stunting
Ku lo so
Pull over
Ku lo so ooo

How Kulosa Sounds

According to scoopAfrica, Oxlade delivered Kulosa like it’s a hit single. And no wonder it’s blowing up everywhere. The song was well delivered because Oxlade put so much passion into the song.

First, the way Oxlade delivers Kulosa reminds one of his last single “Want you”, which did not actually blow up as expected.

Meanwhile, Kulosa fills that gap easily. It’s a jam. The way Oxlade vocalizes the song makes it way more interesting.

kulosa lyrics meaning oxlade


Kulosa is very relatable. I mean, everyone has to impress their boo or bae at any time they want to woo them. The way Oxlade woos the lady shows that he cares about her so much.

Most times, this is how guys do to the lady they love so much because they just must “have” them.

Replay Value

The lyrics of Kulosa, as well as the delivery makes this song a jam and increases its replay value.


Delivery: 1.6/2

Lyricism: 1.4/2

Mixing and Production: 1.4/2

Relatability: 1.5/2

Replay Value: 1.7/2

☆Total: 7.6/10

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