Kylen and Jason unexpectedly lose custody of Son

Jason Korpi, the father of Kylen Smith, has recently been in the news after a warrant was issued for his arrest on various disturbing charges, including missing his court date. Fans now think Kylen no longer has custody of her son Xavier in light of the most recent information.

Fans think Kylen Smith’s kid Xavier may no longer be in her custody.


This report first surfaced in the comments of a fan-run Unexpected gossip account and immediately gained traction on Reddit, where many people didn’t find it shocking.

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One Reddit user commented, “Honestly, their entire season could be used as proof in a CPS case.


Jason Korpi missed a court date over the summer, and a warrant was issued for his arrest.

According to Starcasm, the Unexpected star was scheduled for arraignment on May 3rd but did not show up. It was connected to his DUI arrest on the 26th of February.

Before a Notice of Cleared Default was published on May 19th, there was an outstanding warrant for Jason’s arrest for two weeks. It’s unclear whether the 19-year-old contacted the court and the warrant was withdrawn or whether he was actually detained. We would have, however, most likely heard about the latter.

The new date for his arraignment is June 28. I’m hoping he comes this time!

The news comes after a drama-filled season on TLC with Kylen, and fans have been begging her to dump Jason for months. Now, an alleged family friend is spilling even more disturbing claims about Jason.

A collection of texts purportedly from a close family friend of Jason were released on Reddit by user u/h974974, who made some unsettling claims regarding Jason.

“He has a camera in his room so when he goes away he can watch [Kylen] and if she leaves the room without telling him he would get p*ssed,” the insider claimed.

They added, “He told her those are his boobs and no one else’s, so she wasn’t allowed to breastfeed like she wanted.”

Unsettling allegations of physical assault were made as a result of this.

“He beat [the f*ck] out of her last month while the parents were away and he threw a party and sat the baby in front of the tv all night,” the insider alleged. “And they both fell asleep, leaving the infant there.”

They stated, “[Kylen]’s parents never even met the baby yet,” and “[Jason] won’t let her see or speak to them. He previously touched Heidi and won’t even permit her to hold the child.

“This is enough. Authorities need to be called and that child needs to be taken away. This is f*cking ridiculous, the whole world is watching and no one is doing shit about it,” one wrote.

They continued: “And what about TLC? Why hasn’t anyone from there acted on this? You can only imagine what kind of footage and proof of abuse they have. His Family and friends are all accomplices in his abuse and so is everyone else just sitting back watching and doing nothing. Including TLC.”


“I feel such profound sadness for the young person involved. Kylen definitely has been brainwashed by this nasty sociopath, therefore I feel bad for her as well. One of the most oppressive partnerships I’ve ever witnessed is this one. Another user wrote, “I wish she could simply get away from it all and he could never find her again.

There are numerous active petitions to have Jason fired from TLC, one of which has thousands of signatures with the phrase “ABUSE IS NOT ENTERTAINMENT, TLC!”

Do you anticipate TLC stepping in? Drop a comment below.


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