Lucía Méndez young, before and after photos of the Mexican actress

The beautiful Mexican actress Lucía Méndez now looks completely different than when she was young, and these are the photos of her drastic change.


Born in León, Guanajuato, on January 26, 1955, Luca Méndez started her artistic career in the late 1970s and quickly rose to become one of the most well-known television and music stars in her nation. Méndez has made a significant impact on the entertainment industry in Mexico and Latin America.

In the beginning of her modeling career, Méndez competed in various beauty contests, including Miss Mexico 1973. Later, she started performing in soap operas, where she showcased her skills and charm.

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In 1975, he played the lead in the telenovela Paloma. From then, he appeared in a number of popular productions, including “Colorina,” “T o nadie,” and “El extrao retorno de Diana Salazar.”


Lucía Méndez young

In addition to her acting career, Méndez made a name for herself as a singer after putting out her debut album in 1982. Millions of copies of her songs were sold throughout Latin America when it got popular. The songs “Corazón de piedra,” “Enamorada,” “Lie,” and “Don Corazón” are among her most well-known.

Luca Méndez has also dabbled with theater and film, appearing in a number of productions in Mexico. Throughout her career, she has received numerous honors, including the TV y Novelas Award and the ACE Award in Argentina.

Méndez has cultivated a reputation for grace and sophistication throughout the years, emerging as a national icon for fashion and style.

Photos of Lucía Méndez before and after

Lucia Mendez in her youth

Lucía Méndez young
Lucía Méndez had a relationship with Luis Miguel. Photo: Infobae
Lucía Méndez young
Lucía Méndez focused more on her acting career than as a singer. Photo: Getty Images
Lucía Méndez young fotos
When she was young, Lucía Méndez was considered one of the most beautiful actresses in Mexico. Photo: Getty Images
The first novel where Méndez acted was Paloma.  Photo: Infobae
The first novel where Méndez acted was Paloma. Photo: Infobae

Source: Tunota.com

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