Parker McCollum Biography, Net Worth, Wiki, Age, Wife, Height, Parents, Facts

American country music performer Parker McCollum is based in Austin, Texas. Since 2013, McCollum has been active in the music industry.

Parker McCollum Biography, Net Worth, Wiki, Age, Wife, Height, Parents, Facts

Profile Summary

Name Parker McCollum
Date of birth June 15, 1992
ParentsAnderson McCollum | Ivy McCollum
Age 30 years old
Girlfriend • WifeHallie Light
Nationality American
Hometown Conroe, Texas
Gender Male
Occupation Singer • Songwriter
Net Worth $400,000

Biography of Parker McCollum and his wealth

American Americana and country singer-songwriter Parker McCollum was born in Austin, Texas, on June 15, 1992. He is the proprietor of PYM Music, and in 2013 he released his first single and EP. On February 24, 2015, he released his full-length debut album, The Limestone Kid.


Parker McCollum Education

Parker McCollum Biography, Net Worth, Wiki, Age, Wife, Height, Parents, Facts

When Mccollum was in primary school, he took violin lessons and participated in the school orchestra. At the age of thirteen, he began studying the guitar at the same time as he began creating his own songs. He began working on his at Austin High School when he was sixteen and had already secured engagements at nearby establishments.

After finishing high school, Parker relocated to Austin, Texas, where he enrolled in Texas State University.

Family of Parker McCollum

The son of Anderson McCollum (the Father) and Ivy McCollum, McCollum was born in Conroe, Texas (Mother). McCollum stated that his family is straightforward and hardworking in his own words. His older brother Tyler McCollum, who also loved music but never pursued it like Parker did, served as some of his motivation.

Parker McCollum Biography, Net Worth, Wiki, Age, Wife, Height, Parents, Facts

With his grandfather, McCollum worked the summers on a cattle ranch.

Age of Parker McCollum

By 2022, Parker McCollum will be 30 years old. He was born in Conroe, Texas, in the United States on June 15, 1992. He has a birthday celebration every June 15th. He is a Gemini by birth sign.

Career of Parker McCollum

Despite the fact that McCollum’s recordings have largely been categorized as country and Americana, his music encompasses a variety of genres, including blues, roots rock, soul, and folk-rock. He has cited Americana singer-songwriter Ryan Bingham as a major inspiration, and his music is frequently played on Americana radio stations in particular.

McCollum began performing as soon as he entered primary school since he had a love for music at a young age. He embarked on a tour with the Texas band Six Market Blvd, and on June 5, 2013, he released his debut single, entitled “Highway.” Later, on November 19, 2013, Parker published his debut EP, A Red Town View. In 2015, he released his debut record, The Limestone Kid.

Eleven songs were on the album, nine of which were written by him and two by members of his family. The album was primarily about his experiences growing up in Limestone County, Texas.

Parker McCollum Biography, Net Worth, Wiki, Age, Wife, Height, Parents, Facts

On July 7, 2017, he released an EP under the title Probably Wrong: Session One. The EP peaked at No. 6 on the Billboard Charts and more than 2,000 copies were sold in the US. He secured a record deal with Universal Music Group on June 27, 2019, and on July 1st, he dropped his first single, “Pretty Heart.” Many people have described McCollum’s music over the years as a blend of Blues, roots rock, soul, and folk-rock.

McCollum Parker dimensions and weight

Although McCollum is a woman of normal height, from his photographs, he also gives the impression of being fairly tall. She is five feet ten inches tall (1.77 meters). He is 270 lbs. as well (72 kgs).

Personal Life of Parker McCollum and His wife

McCollum is presently seeing Hallie Light, a senior at Oklahoma State, who is also his girlfriend. One of McCollum’s more well-known compositions, “Goodnight Hallie Ray Light,” is a love letter to his sweetheart. They appear to be a committed couple, and they may soon surprise us with a proposal.

Parker McCollum Social Media Handles

You can connect with Parker McCollum on:

Facebook – Parker McCollum
Instagram @ParkerMcCollum
Twitter @ParkerMcCollum
YouTube – Parker McCollum
Parker McCollum Net Worth

Net Worth of Parker McCollum

The estimated net worth of American singer-songwriter McCollum is $400,000. He receives a yearly income of more than $60,000.

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