Who Is Dejanae Jackson: Is dejanae jackson going to Jail?

Deajha Nacolee Jackson is her real name but she is known as Dejanae Jackson.


Who is Dejanae Jackson?Deajha Nacolee Jackson is her real name but she is known as Dejanae Imani Jackson. She is believed to be given birth between 1997-1996, so she is between the ages of 25 and 26.

The actual date and month she was born in aren’t known so her zodiac sign is also unknown. It is believed that she was born in Charlotte, North Carolina but hasn’t been confirmed yet.

Jackson is an American by birth and also a Christian by religion. The school she attended isn’t known but it is believed that she attended a private school and so she is a graduate.

She is a delicate beautiful lass who weighs 68kg and has a height of 5 feet and 6 inches. Jackson hasn’t said anything about her family to the press yet, so none of her relatives is known.

As to whether she has siblings or not still remains a mystery. The parents of this beautiful woman are not known by their names or nothing has been said about them to the press yet.

Jackson isn’t married yet and she isn’t in any relationship yet. And since she hasn’t been in any relationship yet, she has no children now to care for.

There is a mysterious case in Mexico as a Charlotte family tries to find answers to how a 25-year-old woman was found dead. Dejanae Jackson is a friend of Charlotte, NC, woman Shanquella Robinson.

There is a video that shows that Jackson assaulted Shanquella. So as of now, Jackson is a suspect and is helping the police with their investigations.

Dejanae Jackson Going to Jail?

After Shanquella doesn’t return home from a trip to Mexico, her family is crying about the loss of their daughter. Shanquella’s parents, Bernard, and Salamandra Robinson said Shanquella on October 28 went on a trip to Cabo, Mexica, with a group of friends.

They called on Saturday evening, and she said she wasn’t feeling good. Later they found she had alcohol poisoning. The parents didn’t believe that their daughter was poisoned and are seeking justice for her death.

Where is Dejanae Jackson Now?

To have a fun long weekend, Shanquella Robinson and her group of friends went to Cabo to celebrate a birthday.

Shanquell’s mom, Salamandra Robinson, said that they were eating tacos or a salad or something, and I wished her good night and said I would talk to you tomorrow.

Rumors have it that, Dejanae is imprisoned but her imprisonment details are not found. So as of now, her whereabouts are not known yet.

Daejhanae Jackson Charlotte NC

A charlotte family needs answers after the mysterious death of her daughter in Mexico. According to her family, Shanquella’s friends told them she was drunk.

The section where police could have noted under intoxication and reported the person found unconscious in her living room.

There is a video that shows Daejhanae Jackson standing in front of naked Shanquella Robinson before repeatedly punching Shanquella in the head and slinging her to the ground.

But Jackson hasn’t been arrested yet as the case has not yet been disclosed.


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