Meet Olga Zajac, the woman who overpowered a thief and took advantage of him for three days

When a Russian guy attempted to rob a hair salon, the female owner of the business overcame him, tied him up naked, and exploited him as a slave for three days.

The salon in Meshchovsk, Russia, was where Viktor Jasinski, 32, said authorities he went with the purpose to loot it.


A few years back, Olga Zajac, a young and stunning Russian woman, made headlines when she overcame a would-be robber and exploited him for her personal pleasure.

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Olga Zajac

The proprietor of the hair salon, professional karate black belt fighter Olga, reportedly stopped a would-be burglar named Viktor Jasinski from robbing the establishment for the first time in his life.

When a woman is put to the test in life, her true strength comes to light. Instead of turning the thief over to the police for an investigation and possible prosecution, Olga chose to take advantage of him for three days.

Olga Zajac

She yelled, “What a bastard, the cops are here to question Zahjac. She asserted that they had sexual contact. He then went with the money I had used to buy new clothes and food—1,000 roubles.

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What a lovely lady lesson: never undervalue a woman’s capacity for strength. Women are typically seen by most men as inferior targets who may be intimidated and beaten. After reading this tale, I sincerely hope you will never hurt or touch a lady.

Olga Zajac

Women are precious gift given by creator we should respect them regardless of their flaws. What will you do if you happened to be the man that got beaten and used as a toy by a woman.

Source: Daily mail. Uk

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