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Wives Killing Husbands: 10 Cruel Wives Who Killed Their Husbands

Instances of wives killing their husbands, or any form of spousal homicide, are tragic and complex events that can result from a wide range of factors. It is crucial to understand that such acts are not representative of all marriages or relationships. Each case is unique, and motivations can vary significantly from one situation to another. Here are 10 Wives who killed their husbands out of rage, lust for the flesh, money, etc.


Wives Killing Husbands: 10 Cruel Wives Who Killed Their Husbands

1. Katherine Knight – Kills Husband and Eats Him

Wives Killing Husbands

This poor husband was stabbed 37 times by Katherine Knight with a butcher’s knife, skinned, and then his body was hung from a meat hook in their living room. Katherine was the first Australian woman to receive a life sentence without the possibility of parole.

She was known for using violence in her relationships. She slit the neck of another husband’s eight-week-old puppy in front of him while smashing the dentures of one of her ex-husbands.

A tense relationship with John Charles Thomas Price became public after Price obtained an Apprehended Violence Order against Knight. Back in 2000, she stabbed Mr. Price 37 times with a butcher’s knife before skinning him and hanging his hide from a meat hook in their living room.

She then decapitated him and baked flesh from his buttocks as well as cooked veggies and sauce as side dishes for Mr. Price’s children. The eerie dinner was discovered by police before the adult children arrived home.

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2. Maria Savez, Impales Husband With Axe.

Wives Killing Husbands

A lady Maria Savez saw her estranged husband in bed with the family housekeeper and, enraged, raced to the garage, grabbed a wood axe, swung it, and impaled it to her husband’s head. He was taken to the hospital soon following the event.

Six hours were spent by the surgeons removing the ax from his head. Surprisingly, he survives and is able to resume his normal life after being cured. Source: (

3. Stacey Castor, poisoned her husband with antifreeze and then framed her daughter.

Wives Killing Husbands

Stacy Castor fabricated a scenario to make her deceased spouse look to have committed suicide, but the cops became suspicious and researched her background, only to discover that her former husband died of a “heart attack.”

Suspicious, the cops conducted an autopsy on the previous husband and discovered the identical ethylene glycol compound identified in the autopsy of the second spouse.

Then, as a last resort, she arranged evidence to point to her own daughter, Ashley. despite the fact that Ashley was only seven years old when her first husband (her father) died. Ashley was hospitalized in 2007 for a drug and vodka overdose. There was even a note confessing to killing her stepfather. That was the only issue.

Ashley survived to testify for her mother’s trial in 2009. This lady is now in jail facing her 25 years to life sentence.. for killing her husband and attempted murder of her daughter.

4. Omaima Aree Nelson, Killed, Chopped Up, Cooked and Ate Husband.

Wives Killing Husbands

Model Omaima Aree Nelson tried to grind her husband up in the garbage disposal. But she just couldn’t get rid of all of 6-foot-4, 230 lbs. of him so she boiled, breaded, deep-fried and ate body parts. (Link).

5. Angry Wife Cuts Off Husband’s Balls While He is Sleeping.

Wives Killing Husbands

To defend her marriage, an irate Chinese woman in Xiaoxian, Jiangxi province, China, chopped off her husband’s testicles while he was sleeping.

The Chinese lady Li is a gynecologist and a wonderful mother. She looks after their children and husband Huang. Li requested a divorce, but Huang refused. He was experiencing diarrhea. Instead of medicine, Li offered him sleeping tablets.

Li used a fruit knife to remove Huang’s testicles while he was sleeping. Li was imprisoned, but Huang appealed the authorities to release her since he felt he was responsible for the disaster.


6. The woman who bit her husband’s penis off.

Wives Killing Husbands

After waking up to find her husband in a clinch with her best friend, an enraged wife bit off his manhood. Katya Kharitovonova, 36, was sentenced to two years in prison for inflicting wounds on her husband Mikhail, 40, and his mistress Liza Dmitriyeva, 33.

The Russian couple had gone on a walk when they ran across Katya’s friend Liza and invited her to their home for dinner. They sat down to watch HG Wells’s The War of the Worlds after dinner, but Katya fell asleep.

Katya awoke after half an hour to discover her husband half nude and her closest friend performing a sex act on him. Katya grabbed a floor lamp and slammed it over Liza’s head before biting and cutting her husband’s penis.

Realizing the gravity of her injuries, Katya summoned an ambulance, and the duo was transferred to a neighboring hospital’s casualty department. Liza was severely concussed, and Mikhail’s willy had to be sewn back together.

Katya is facing two years in a labor camp. Despite the provocation from her husband and best friend, the judges informed her she had no right to act violently.(

7. The woman who accidentally hanged her husband to death during a s. x game.

Tony, 46, and Crystal Boarder, 31, his long-term companion, used to indulge in “kinky s..x games” of bondage and asphyxiation. They suffocated with plastic bags and blankets, drowned in the bathtub, and hung themselves in their barn. The couple even videotaped themselves hanging each other in the barn next to their Rockwood home.

Crystal Boarder was first hanged and abandoned by her husband. Then Tony Boarder wrapped the rope around his own neck and hung himself. He told her to lower him and then went unconscious.

Over the course of about 15 minutes, Crystal Boarder gradually lowered him to the ground. She monitored his pulse and smoked smoke for the next 40 minutes.

Later that morning, Crystal Boarder called the police and said she had accidentally killed her husband during a s..x game.

Tony died of asphyxiation during the hanging. In a strange twist, he had once killed someone during a dangerous sex act and was convicted in 1987 of manslaughter. He was sentenced to eight years in jail for causing the death of a 19-year-old woman by strangulation during s.e.x. (

8. 76-year-old lady is suspected of murdering four of her five husbands.

10 Most Cruel Wives

Jeff Carstensen was spooked when he learned his grandmother planned to buy him a $100,000 life insurance policy — and name herself the beneficiary. As he and many others who came into Betty Neumar’s orbit have learned, bad things tend to happen to the people around her.

The 76-year-old Georgia widow is being held in a North Carolina jail on suspicion of paying a hit man to assassinate her fourth husband, Harold Gentry. Authorities are reinvestigating the deaths of her first child and four of her five husbands, including Gentry.

There has been no discussion of motive, but records and interviews with family members and police authorities describe Neumar as a controlling matriarch driven by money. She received at least $20,000 after Harold Gentry was shot to death at his house in 1986.

When her son died a year before, she had received $10,000 in life insurance. She also had a life insurance policy on John Neumar, her fifth husband, who died in 2008.

Although sepsis was reported as the official cause of death, authorities are investigating if he was poisoned. According to family members, she was Bee to the outside world – a kind woman who ran beauty salons, went to church, and raised money for charity.

Carstensen, on the other hand, observed another side: fist fights at family occasions, obscenities and mocking of relatives, and how she would act “one way in public — especially church — and another behind closed doors.”

Carstensen’s stepfather, Neumar’s son Gary Flynn, was discovered shot to death in his apartment in November 1985, and police in Ohio are investigating. His death was deemed a suicide, but his family is skeptical. (

9. The woman who chose a pet crocodile over her husband.

10 Most Cruel Wives

Vicki Lowing, an Australian lady, divorced her husband because he demanded that she give up her pet crocodile, Johnie, whom she considers to be “like a child” to her. Mrs. Lowing, 52, who has hand-reared the one-and-a-half-meter lizard for 13 years, lets it roam the house and even sleep in her son Andrew’s bed.

Victoria took in the crocodile after an anonymous person left it on her porch in 1996. Greg, her husband, claimed she spent too much time with the pet and requested her to give it up in order to salvage their marriage, but she refused, and the couple split in 2005.

Mrs Lowing, a trained nurse, said: “Husbands can look after themselves but my crocodile can’t make his meals. ” (

10. The woman who cheated on her husband after he had donated his own kidney to her.

10 Most Cruel Wives

In 1990, Dr. Richard Batista married Dawnell Batista. After two prior transplants failed, Batista proved to be a match for his wife, thus he put up one of his own kidneys in 2001. Dawnell survived the successful transplant, but not their marriage, which lasted only four years.

Dawnell saw the kidney as a second chance. She returned to school to pursue a master’s degree in nursing while still learning karate. Richard claims that his wife rewarded his gesture by first sleeping with her physical therapist and then denying him access to their three children in an increasingly acrimonious divorce.

The heartbroken doctor is now requesting the one-time love of his life to pay $1.5 million for the organ he donated. He insisted his cash-for-kidney claim was a direct result of his wife’s behavior. (

Factors that may cause wives to kill their husbands

Some common factors that may contribute to spousal homicides include:

  1. Domestic Violence: In some cases, the killing may be a result of prolonged domestic violence and abuse. When individuals feel trapped in abusive relationships and see no other way out, they may resort to extreme measures to protect themselves or their children.
  2. Mental Health Issues: Mental health problems, such as depression, anxiety, or personality disorders, can significantly influence a person’s behavior and decision-making. In some cases, untreated mental health issues may lead to violent acts.
  3. Jealousy and Betrayal: Intense feelings of jealousy, betrayal, or perceived infidelity can lead to heightened emotions, making some individuals react violently in a moment of anger or rage.
  4. Financial Strain: Financial difficulties and stress within a marriage can exacerbate existing tensions and lead to conflicts that escalate to violence.
  5. Substance Abuse: The abuse of drugs or alcohol can impair judgment and contribute to impulsive or aggressive behavior.
  6. Lack of Support Systems: A lack of supportive networks, such as friends or family, can leave individuals feeling isolated and desperate, potentially leading to drastic actions.
  7. Coercion or Threats: In some cases, spousal homicide may be the result of coercion or threats from an abusive partner, leaving the victim with no perceived way to escape the situation.


It’s essential to recognize that violence is never an acceptable response to conflicts or challenges within a relationship. If you or someone you know is in an abusive relationship or struggling with emotional issues, seeking help from support services or counseling can be vital in ensuring safety and finding a way forward.

Domestic violence hotlines and local organizations can offer support and resources to those in need. Remember, every individual’s situation is different, and understanding and empathy are essential when discussing such sensitive and tragic events.

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