October 1 Meaning: The Symbolic meaning of October 1

Nigerians domestically and abroad commemorate our freedom from the British colonial masters on October 1.


Along with former British Prime Minister Theresa May, King Henry ll, an English king best known for the Magna Carta, Julie Andrews, who played Maria in the beloved film “The Sound of Music,” and William Edward Boeing, who founded The Boeing Company, Nigeria shares this “national birthday” with a few other well-known individuals.

Yes, 62 years have passed since that memorable day, but what does October 1 signify to us today? What do our leaders make of the date? What does it imply for our youth and children? What do our mothers think it means? What does that imply for our senior citizens?

October 1 Meaning

What does October 1 signify to people who are unemployed now? What does the day’s significance to abducted people mean? What does this day signify to the families of those who lost loved ones to alleged herdsmen?

What does the date imply to households without access to food? What does it mean for those who are ill but can’t receive the treatment they require from our hospitals?

What does the day signify to people who are incarcerated and waiting to stand trial for crimes they did not commit?

Perhaps the Hausa and Fulani have different meanings for October 1. To the Igbo, it likely has a different connotation. It might possibly indicate something different to the Yoruba. Perhaps the Ijaw interpret it differently. Maybe every tribe in Nigeria sees this date through a different lens.

Do you still believe that the legitimacy of your ethnic stock’s right to rule over other ethnic groups began on October 1? Do you consider the date to be the day you were made to recall that your colonial overlords had you coexist with people you didn’t like?

Does the date make you feel stuck, perhaps in some sort of apparent transference? Do you associate the date with injustice? Do you find the date annoying? Do you feel hopeless about the date? Do you feel as though you don’t belong on this date?

Does the date serve as a reminder to those of you who left Nigeria and now reside abroad that you should never go back? Do you feel you must change your nationality in light of the current situation? Does the date bring up any of your most painful memories?

But this is not how it was intended to be. Nigeria’s fate was predetermined in every way. We are coming together for a reason that we have not yet identified. And this specific day is not a coincidence.

It is possible that only Providence could have selected October 1 as the day of Nigeria’s independence because it is a symbolic date. In addition to having great expectations for Nigeria’s future, our founding fathers struggled for our freedom. But we haven’t upheld it.

But if we had greater knowledge, we might think otherwise. It’s true that some people can read dates, figures, and events and comprehend what they mean. If we were to know better, perhaps we could be led appropriately. The significance of October 1 increases.

Leah M. Bostwick asserts that the Romans gave October its name in both the Julian and Gregorian calendars. The first month of the year’s ten months was the eighth.

October 1 Meaning

October’s origins are in the Latin word octo, which means “eight”. According to legend, the number “eight” represents wealth, prosperity, peace, and fertility.

The month of October is often when farmers harvest their crops. Given that October is strongly associated with riches and prosperity and is therefore regarded as a particularly lucky and fortunate “number,” it should come as no surprise that Nigeria has a wealth of both natural and human resources.

Each digit of a number, in the opinion of Hans Decoz, is a character, much like a person. Even from a spiritual standpoint, position one is unique. It is the symbol for creation, the primary source from whence all other numbers derive.

The person in charge prefers to take the lead and direct others. Another reason Nigeria is a leader in Africa is obvious.

Additionally, number one represents harmony and superiority. Perhaps because one cannot be divided and is not made up of other numbers, Nigeria cannot be divided.

“Hear, O Israel, the Lord thy God is ONE Lord,” the Good Book declares. There isn’t another God either. God, then, is at the top.

However, according to the Bible, God created Eve from a single rib removed from Adam close to his heart, on his side, so that they would fall in love. God did this to encourage harmony. Nigeria also needs unity severely.

Nigerians must have unconditional love for their country and their fellow Nigerians. It’s through this that we can experience the unity, peace, prosperity, and justice that we hope from Nigeria. The date to begin is October 1!

Dr Odoemena is a medical practitioner in Lagos


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