Osmond Gbadebo Biography, Sickness, Age, Career, Family

Osmond Gbadebo Biography

Osmond Gbadebo is a popular Nollywood Actor, one who has a lovable film character and for this reason, his fans are eager to watch his next movies. He was known to be a very jovial, hardworking and friendly person. Unlike other top names in the industry, Osmond was always willing to mingle with everybody and he did not discriminate. Another lovely thing he is known for is that no matter the harsh words and the banters one threw at him, his reaction would soften one’s mind.


“Even while he was sick, some of his colleagues reached out to him. He even hoped that he would survive the ailment, and he sometimes called them to thank to appreciate them for checking up on him. He also called to share his progress report. It was quite a painful loss.”

Actor and President of The Golden Move Ambassadors Association of Nigeria, Saidi Balogun, also described Gbadebo as a nice man he worked closely with. He said, “He was a nice and hard-working man. We were close because he was a production manager and actor. May his soul rest in peace.”

Osmond Gbadebo Age: How old is he?

Gbadebo Osmond was born on May but the exact date and year is yet to be confirmed, keep refreshing to know when we drop more details of his age.

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Osmond Gbadebo Family

According to a reliable source, he has a good caring wife, a two weeks old child who was born in May 2022. Gbadebo Osmond’s state of origin is yet to disclose.


Gbadebo Osmond was a location manager, production manger, actor, writer, film producer who was known for English Ede Oyinbo (2018).


Osmond Gbadebo Sickness

Osmond Gbadebo suffered a prolong illness until he died by 4am today 31st Of May 2022. His death was announced by veteran actress, Fausat Balogun aka Madam Saje on her Instagram page.

Osmond Gbadebo Cause Of Death

Gbadebo Osmond’s Cause Of Death is yet to be confirmed, however, many actors dropped comments on Saje’s page mourning the deceased.

Osmond Gbadebo Biography
A sick Osmond Gbadebo and Laide Bakare

Bimbo Success wrote; “So sad Osmond Gbadebo, may your gentle soul continue to rest in perfect peace!!! Ile aiye, Ile aisan vanity upon vanity”

Another actress Bakare Zainab wrote: Osmond Osmond Osmond why??? I saved all these videos to celebrate your birthday and your daughter’s birth, but you asked me not to post them. Osmond, why did you leave that 2-week-old child?

“Why did you do this to your loved ones? Why did you die??? May!! Your birth month, your child’s birth month, now your death month, ahhh may God be pleased with your soul. This broke me to pieces, Po”.

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Osmond Gbadebo Movies

Here are some of the movies he was featured in before his death.

  • Inioluwa (2017)
  • Wale Danger (2017) Policeman
  • Gbada Onikeke (2017)
  • Saworo (2018) I.P.O
  • Aye Soro (2018)
  • Ibujoko (2018)
  • Mulika Maradonan(2018) I.P.O
  • Malu (2018) Sars
  • Duro (2018) Osmond
  • Ewure Iya Alake (2018)
  • English Ede Oyinbo (2018) Copper Kunle
  • Ori Olori (2019) Armed Robber

Osmond Gbadebo Net Worth

Gbadebo Osmond’s Net Worth is yet to be confirmed, but we promise to let you know when we have a confirmed net worth.

Frequently Asked Questions About Osmond Gbadebo

Who is Osmond Gbadebo?

Osmond Gbadebo is a popular Nollywood Actor and producer who is well known for English Ode Oyinbo movie back then 2018, he died on 30th Of May 2022 around 4am.

Osmond Gbadebo Sickness

Osmond Gbadebo was sick for some time before he finally died by 4am today 31st Of May 2022.

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