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Rikki Doolan is a UK based businessman and preacher. His is a pastor at Spirit Embassy, PA to Prophet Uebert Angel. Rikki is also a musician under the GoodNewsMusic artist. He has won the Goodnewsmusic awards as Song, Songwriter, Artist of Year.


From the night to the cross, Pastor Rikki shares his salvation story

“I was saved by the Lord Jesus Christ in my hometown of Middlesbrough in 2012. From 2007 onwards I would sing in nightclubs, pubs, and even on the streets. Along with that I lived a real rock and roll lifestyle with regular mass sessions of alcohol, and endless cocktails of drugs. My life was in serious danger of spiralling out of control or even ending prematurely.

I was hooked, God’s grace had gotten into me, I received Christ three weeks later, joined the worship team two weeks after that, my life made a 360 turnaround for the better since that day, and I’ve been glorifying Jesus Christ since hallelujah!”

One morning after a heavy all night of partying, drugs and booze I walked down a road feeling very worse for wear and stumbled across the most magnificent music coming out of a church building. It was worship music, and it gripped me right there in my steps, there was something in the sound of that music that was far greater than entertainment, far greater than manipulating your senses. I went into the building that day and found out that that something I was hearing was the worship of the Lord Jesus Christ.

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Rikki Doolan Wikipedia
Rikki Doolan Wikipedia
Rikki Doolan Wikipedia

Rikki Doolan Songs

Some of the life changing songs sang by Pastor Rikki Includes: Just one touch from the king, God of Colours, Celebrate, Rock this place, You are greater If I didn’t have you, Hosanna amongst others.


In May 2020, Uebert Angel sent Rikki Doolan and wife Nichola to buy a white Mercedes Benz C class sedan. Pastor Rikki thought the vehicle was for Uebert Angel’s company, but when they brought the car to Prophet Angel, at his 14 acre mansion in Lincoln (UK), they were told the car is actually theirs. 

Another recent event took place In March 2023, where an Al Jazeera documentary called Gold Mafia (the first of four) alleged that Uebert Angel, an influential Zimbabwean diplomat (appointed March 2021 by President Emmerson Mnangagwa), volunteered to use his office to launder millions of dollars through a gold-smuggling scheme.

The documentary proposes that the gangs have turned Western sanctions into an opportunity to smuggle large quantities of gold and launder hundreds of millions of dollars through a complex web of companies and bribes. Al Jazeera reporters, posed as Chinese nationals who were looking to launder large sums of money.

The 44-year-old Angel, a prophet and heads a congregation — the Good News Church — with branches in 15 countries, his business partner Rikki Doolan, said they could facilitate this.

Pastor Rikki Doolan Marriage


3 years ago she said yes! This was in the stunning Lincoln Cathedral in 2020 when I surprised my then girlfriend and popped the question. Thankfully she said yes and it was the best yes i’ve ever heard in my life. I prayed to God for a God fearing woman who would be by my side during this journey in Christ and He truly answered mu prayers in abundance! @Nichola Doolan is a gift from God and I am forever grateful ❤️ #fyp #christiantiktok #jesus #rikkidoolan #marriage #proposal

♬ snowfall (Sped Up) – Øneheart & reidenshi

‘It was beautiful on the barbecue!’: Pastor Rikki poses with a rifle crouching over the body of an antelope he had just shot while on a South African safari

Pastor rikki has been dragged online for his post of him holding a rifle and standing over the body of an antelope he shot dead, which he posted on social media. Pastor Rikki Doolan hunted the animal during a business trip in South Africa and claims it was ‘beautiful on the BBQ’.

However, he has been slammed by hundreds of people who are disgusted with his lack of regard for the creature’s life.

Jake Nimer was among those who condemn the act of the British preacher and wrote: ‘Hope God forgives you for taking another life… I won’t be.’

Joanne Serginson added: ‘I’m no follower of God but it took me all of two seconds to find this, Proverbs 12:10 Verse Concepts “A righteous man has regard for the life of his animal, But even the compassion of the wicked is cruel”.’

But Mr Doolan, who lives in Newark-on-Trent, Nottinghamshire, but is originally from Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, fired back.

The self-proclaimed ‘young adult pastor’ for Spirit Embassy: The Good News Church, stood by his decision and when asked what he ate with it, he replied: ‘Rice n chicken wings mate ;)’

He also wrote: ‘Genesis 9:3 – every moving thing that lives shall be food for you, and just as I’ve given you green plants I’ve given you everything.’

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