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Paywizzard Refer and Earn: How to make money by referring your friend(s) to

At Paywizzard, we believe that sharing is caring, and we’re thrilled to introduce our latest enchanting feature – the Refer and Earn program! Are you ready to spread the word about the incredible convenience and versatility of Paywizzard while earning rewards that will leave you spellbound? Look no further, as our Refer and Earn program lets you do just that.


Paywizzard Refer and Earn

How Does it Work?

The concept is as simple as a flick of a wand: for every user you refer who upgrades their account to either Affiliate or Top User status, you’ll earn a remarkable 50% bonus. Let’s break down the magic:

  • Affiliate Upgrade Bonus: Imagine this – you refer a friend, and they upgrade their account to Affiliate status with just 500 naira. What’s your reward? A generous 250 naira bonus that will appear in your account as if by magic! It’s a delightful way to earn while introducing your loved ones to the world of Paywizzard.
  • Top User Upgrade Bonus: Now, let’s take it up a notch. When you refer a user who ascends to the prestigious Top User status by upgrading their account, you’ll receive an even more enchanting 500 naira bonus. It’s our way of saying thank you for being a Paywizzard advocate and inviting others to experience the magic.
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How to Get Started

Paywizzard Refer and Earn

Open the Paywizzard App: If you haven’t already, make sure you’re using the latest version of the Paywizzard app. If you’re new to Paywizzard, download the app from the Google Play Store and set up your account.

Access the Refer and Earn Section: Click Here to Navigate to the Refer and Earn section inside the app. You’ll find all the tools to start sharing the magic at your fingertips.

Share Your Unique Referral Link: In the Refer and Earn section, you’ll discover your unique referral link. Share this link with your friends, family, and anyone else who could benefit from the convenience of Paywizzard.

Watch the Magic Unfold: As your referrals upgrade their accounts to Affiliate or Top User status, you’ll witness the bonus rewards appear in your account – a true testament to the power of sharing and the enchantment of Paywizzard.

How to Withdraw Your Bonus?

First, login to your account and scroll down to My Referrals. You will see the people you have referred to Paywizzard as well as their account status. For those who have upgraded their account, their account status will be green, for those who are yet to upgrade their account, their account status will be red.

Secondly, head over to Referral Bonus. This is where you will withdraw your referral bonus to your main account. Input the amount you want to withdraw from your bonus account and click Withdraw Now. Boom! Your account will be successfully credited. 

Experience the Joy of Earning Through Sharing

The Refer and Earn program is our way of expressing gratitude to our dedicated users who help us expand the circle of convenience and financial empowerment. Join us in spreading the magic of Paywizzard far and wide, and let the rewards come pouring in. After all, what’s better than earning while enchanting others with the marvels of modern digital payments? Share the magic, earn the rewards – that’s the Paywizzard way!

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