Selina Tested Episode 33 Final War Mp4 Download

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Everything that has a beginning must surely has an end says Jack Kornfield. Here is the final part of selina tested reloaded season 2. The fight has been tough and now we are about to witness the Final War of it all.


Watch the trailer of Selina Tested Episode 33 below:

Selina Tested Episode 33 Final War Mp4 Download

Trailer – Selina Tested Episode 33 Final War


The war between Sibi Vs Aboy is about coming to an end with the two gang being fully fortified with Selina.


Recall that the long-time beef between Aboy, Chiboy, Sibi, Tallest and Odogwu began in Holy Ground. It go worsen when Sibi took his revenge on Chiboy by killing his mother. On the other hand, Chiboy paid Sibi back in his own coins.

Long story cut short: We are about to witness the peak of the Selina Tested Movie series. What are you expecting to see? Let us know in the comment section.


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