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Sini Dagana, a gifted artist from Yenogoa in the Bayelsa state who has achieved recognition on social media sites like TikTok, participates in the virtual interview with Unik Empire Media House. Sini Dagana explains how her devotion to God and desire to communicate His message with the world via song inspired her to start studying music.

Sini Dagana
From Bayelsa to the World: Sini Dagana’s Journey as a Christian Music Artist

She also discusses maintaining a sense of balance and modesty in the face of celebrity, success, and acclaim as a singer. Sini Dagana, who is renowned for her ability to make somber melodies gyrate, says she will soon release some original songs.


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Sini Dagana, a Christian artist, acknowledges that she has encountered many difficulties along the way, but she has been able to overcome them with the aid of God and the significant people, He placed in her path. She mentions her manager, Martins Sylvester Nelly, as one of her main influencers in the music business who has inspired her to keep working hard. She also acknowledges the impact of traditional music singer Emmanuel Naibokien.

Sini Dagana is a talented photographer in addition to being a musician, albeit she prioritizes her music more. She admits that she balances her studies time with her interests in music and photography. Sini Dagana often makes clues that she is planning collaborations, but there are countless others she would like to work with.

Overall, the interview gives readers a glimpse into the life and career of young Nigerian musician Sini Dagana, who is passionate about using music to communicate the message of God’s love.

Unik Empire: Good day and welcome to the virtual interview with Unik Empire Media House, as a way of introduction, tell us a little about yourself

Guest: Thank you, I’m excited to be here with you, my name is Dagana Faith Sini well known as just Sini Dagana by a lot of people and I’m from Yenogoa in Bayelsa state.

Unik Empire: Great, so we bump into your video which has now become a viral sensation and most wanted to watch on TikTok, tell us what got you into music?

Sini Dagana: Wow, well, I have always loved music from the onset, it’s not something that just got started, the whole thing is that I do actually enjoy singing and music in general. A very peculiar thing that I’d say got me into music the more is that I see it as an avenue, a medium I can use in telling the world about God, His love, mercy, goodness, and graciousness.

I’ll say it that apart from the fact that God planned it this way, my love for God and zeal to tell the world about Him gave me more push to delve into music.

Unik Empire: Beautiful, talking about the level of fame, success & recognition you’ve gotten so far as a musician, how do you stay grounded and humble?

Sini Dagana: It’s not actually an easy feat to stay humble & grounded, sometimes the fame may want to get into your head if not kept in check. For me, the word of God has always been what keeps me and my heart in check.

The popular scripture “pride goeth before a fall” is smeared in my heart and mind always. Aside from the scriptures, I have spiritual parents who I submit to who have taught me humility, and exemplary in their actions and I do have a leader as well who is keenly watching my every step and guiding me through it, just to make sure I don’t make mistakes.

I know for a fact that humility is a key factor of growth and success so if I must grow and succeed, I must be as humble as I can.

Unik Empire: You’ve got a winning mentality right there. Going further, you’re well known to be the music artist who can turn a solemn song into gyration, giving it more energy, with this, we’d love to ask, aside the covers you make for songs, is there any original song at the moment or should we be expecting some soon?

Sini Dagana: (smiles) Yes I do have my original songs but they are yet to be released and as to the style of music, expect the gyration which I’ve been known for overtime, and also expect some solemn and soulful songs as well. Just so you know, one of my songs titled Chioma will be dropping this month so watch out for it and many more.

Sini Dagana

Unik Empire: Beautiful, can’t wait to listen to the greatness you have in store for us. In the course of making music as a Christian artist, what are some of the challenges you have faced and how have you been able to deal with them?

Sini Dagana: Challenges, (sighs) well there’s no journey on earth without challenges and as a music artist, I’ve had some fair share of challenges which I won’t be able to count one after the other but then, God has been faithful, and has seen me through them all and still seeing me through. In the course of my journey, facing these challenges, God has brought some important persons (Helpers) my way, who doesn’t want to see or perceive that am facing challenges, they’re always there. Just like I’ve said before, God has really been faithful in this short while I’ve been doing this.

Unik Empire: Great, talking about important personalities, who are some of your biggest influences in the music industry home & abroad?

Sini Dagana: There are a lot of people who have influenced me positively. There’s Emmanuel Naibokien, a traditional music artists and well respected music artist in Bayelsa state. He has been father figure to me. In everything I do, he’s been there for me, never giving up in his quest to see me succeed. Then there is Minister GUC, Neon Adejo, David Jones, Yadah and Precious Bilint.

Sini Dagana

These people I mentioned has really influenced me positively, they give me the motivation and determination to keep on pushing, they’ve all gotten involved in my music in one way or the other, and encouraged me to keep working because of their experience in the music industry.

The truth is that, the list will never be complete until I mention the man who started this whole journey with me, Martins Sylvester Nelly who acts in the position of my manager. He’s one of my biggest influencer, believing so much in me and giving me hope that the future is even brighter than I can see it.

Unik Empire: Great to have such amazing support system and I hope you continually stay close to them. Aside music, what do you do when you’re not writing, recording, or shooting videos to your songs?

Sini Dagana: Oh, I do photography as well, I am a professional photographer, but I dedicate more time to my music, so when I’m not in the recording booth, writing songs, or shooting video, I’m with my camera but then when I’m not doing both, you’ll definitely find me studying.

Unik Empire: Seems you have a keen interest in the media space, back to music, we’ll say you’ve had a collaboration with Neon Adejo & David Jones, who else would you most like to collaborate with soon?

Sini Dagana: The list is quite endless honestly but I can’t begin to name names, I’ll allow time to reveal them but then, I already have a collaboration with Minister Yadah, and another one with De Stanley Brothers which are both yet to be released but as I said there’s an endless list of possible collaboration and they’ll be revealed in due time.

Unik Empire: A lot is surely under the pipe and we’re greatly anticipating them. As we gradually come to the end of the virtual session, what are some of the most important lessons you’ve learned in your music career so far?

Sini Dagana: In my short time of being in the music scene, I have learnt the importance of hard work, obedience, sacrifice, humility, selflessness, and consistency.

I’ve learnt that all these qualities put together actually pay. I’ve learnt and I’m still learning through the process how to stay focused in pursuing my career and trusting in God alone.

Unik Empire: How do you see the music industry changing in Nigeria, and what opportunities do you see for new and emerging artists?

Sini Dagana: The change in the music space is quite remarkable and just like we have changes in times and seasons so also are we experiencing a lot of changes in the music industry. There were times some styles of songs weren’t appreciated but today those same styles are becoming the most wanted and must listen to. Talking about opportunities for emerging artists, there are a lot, some of the opportunities are the right use of social media and lot more. Truth is that there are lot of opportunities now more than before, just stay consistent on the right path and you’ll definitely get these opportunities.

From Bayelsa to the World: Sini Dagana's Journey as a Christian Music Artist

Unik Empire: You’re always seen on white garment in your videos with a bell, or a shekere, fans and lovers of your music have a speculation that you attend a white garment church, can you please clear the air on that regards?

Sini Dagana: (Smiles) Well, I don’t attend a white garment church. I won’t say it for a fact that the garment is part of my branding like mama Mercy Chinwo beret or mama Yadah fascinator. The garment and whatever you see me with are only part of my costume that fits my gyration sound.

Unik Empire: Great for clearing the air on that, we’d love to ask some more questions but time is against us. On a final note, what advice would you give to someone who’s just starting out as a Christian artist in Nigeria?

Sini Dagana: If you’re an artist out there, all you have to do is first believe in yourself, never look down on what you have or, are doing, be humble to those that are superior, kill procrastination, be effective, be serious, be obedient and consistent and you’ll see how great the result will turn out to be.

Unik Empire: Thank you for your time and the opportunity to speak with you, we’re looking forward to the greatness ahead and to seeing you at the top soon.

Sini Dagana: Thank you so much for the opportunity, I’m extremely grateful, God bless you

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