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Layiwasabi, whose real name is Isaac Ayomide Olayiwola, hails from Osogbo in Osun State, an important tie-dye production center and the hometown of the Nigerian dramatist Duro Ladipo. 


He is a content creator, online comedian, and Influencer who gained influence through the unique style of his comic videos.

Layiwasabi Profile Summary

Real Name: Isaac Ayomide Olayiwola

Nickname: Layiwasabi

Date of birth: July 11th

Profession: Comedian, Law

State of Origin: Osun State

Tribe: Yoruba

Religion: Christianity

Parents: Mr. & Mrs. Olayiwola

Marital Status: In a relationship with Eniola Korty Olarenwaju

Networth: Unknown

Early Life

Layi Wasabi

Born on July 11th, Layiwasabi spent his entire youth in the historic Yoruba city of Osogbo with his younger brother and adoring mother, whom he credits as the origin of his sense of humor and the source of his comic chromosome.

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Throughout his childhood, Layi’s mother was his closest friend. In her group of pals, she had the best sense of humor.

His mother and his extended family, which included uncles, aunts, and grandparents, took care of him after his father died when he was just two years old.

Layi described his youth as “quiet” and “without adventure” in an interview with Culture Custodian.

Layiwasabi Education

Layi Wasabi

Isaac Ayomide Olayiwola attended primary and secondary schools in Osun State before moving on to earn his undergraduate degree at Bowen University. Layi thinks that his formal education advanced quickly because of his mother because he studied law at Bowen University.

Layiwasabi gained admission to study Law as a Fifteen-year-old and he is currently serving as a National Youth Corper in Ibadan, Oyo State.

Gleaning from a sentence he tweeted in May this year about how his time in Ibadan has thus far been, he said: “NYSC is after my existence on this blue terrestrial ball”. 

Layiwasabi Comedy Career

Layiwasabi began his comedy career as a teenager and is perhaps the only Nigerian comic alive with the Shakespearean line “The world is your oyster” from Merry Wives of Windsor penciled on his Instagram bio.

Layi was in JSS2 when he first hid behind a microphone to try to make people laugh at his secondary school’s talent event. I joined a theatre club called The Emerald Star, which I led until SS3, and I also signed up for stand-up comedy.

The night’s high point was when our act was showcased during the talent show. Those were the days when I realized I was meant for this. When I was performing and in rehearsals, I felt incredibly alive and me.

Layi picked up the fundamentals of humor in the most logical and organic way possible by simply watching the frog for a very long time.

His mother, who is a member of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, brought his Christian heritage to his skits as he was growing up. One of Layi’s most well-known jokes parodies the hammy acting and deus-ex-machina resolutions of the Mount Zion movies, morality soap operas created, produced and acted in by any member of the illustrious Bamiloye family, which entertained almost every Nigerian Christian home from the 1980s to the early 2000s.

In another skit, Layi imagines what it would be like to work for a Nigerian boss who had access to Jesus’ supernatural abilities using the POV technique popular in web humor. He does have a way with words, probably as a result of reading “some Soyinka” and “a chunk of Adichie”.

Layi also engages in some physical humor, as evidenced by his absurdly oversized cloak, which is typically worn by roving Jehovah’s Witness evangelists who are wealthy in a spiritual sense but poor materially.

The main strengths of Layi’s comedy are his verbal prowess and his acting abilities. The former gives his sketches a somewhat literary air, while the latter gives them complexity while letting you know that Nollywood is only two train stations away.

His humour reflects the musical austerity typical of an introvert’s private life, and he describes himself as an introvert—”a gift and a curse”—: No raucous sound effects or pre-recorded cries of “Funke!” or “Apostle will hear of this” are present.

Layiwasabi Age

Layiwasabi is in his early 20s

Layiwasabi Girlfriend/Wife

According to rumors, Eniola Korty Olanrewaju, also known as Korty EO, and Layiwasabi are dating.

Korty EO Boyfriend
Korty Eniola Olarenwaju - Layiwasabi

Internet celebrity Korty Eniola Olarenwaju has a large social media following and is a YouTuber and aspiring filmmaker. She was brought up in the peaceful backstreets of Ibadan with a longing for something bigger than herself. She attended the University of Ibadan to study computer science.

The “Flow, With Korty” interview series on her YouTube channel has included numerous A-list celebrities, including Ashley Okoli, Don Jazzy, Niyi Okeowo, Ayra Starr, BlaqBonez, and Niyi Okeowo.

Layiwasabi Awards

He was awarded the Most Entertaining Personality by the Law Students’ Society, LSS, Bowen University on July 18th, 2021

Skit maker Layi Wasabi joins Penzaarville Africa

Leading media company on the continent, Penzaarville Africa, is excited to welcome exceptional skit creator Layi Wasabi to their creative team. The business takes pleasure in developing excellent individuals and giving them more exposure to promote growth.

Layi Wasabi’s addition, according to Olufemi Oguntamu, CEO of Penzaarville Africa, would improve the company’s capacity to provide significant solutions to both present and potential clients through his captivating content production and delivery.

Oguntamu says of Layi Wasabi, “He is poised to bring a fresh wave of entertainment and creativity to our dynamic team with his comedic brilliance, creativity, and ability to engage audiences through captivating skits.”

Layi Wasabi has amassed a large following thanks to his humorous performances on different social media sites. Millions of fans have fallen in love with him thanks to his special gift for creating funny and relatable content, making him a highly sought-after skit creator.

Layi Wasabi expressed his excitement about working with Penzaarville Africa by saying, “I am happy to be a member of this team. I compared a number of talent management companies around the nation, and after doing so, I decided to join Penzaarville because I am confident in their ability to grasp my writing style and our shared goals. It’s a dream come true to work for a company that values innovation and creativity.

With this exciting partnership, both Penzaarville Africa and Layi Wasabi are poised to achieve new milestones in the entertainment and media industries.

Layiwasabi Social Media

Layi’s IG handle — @layiwasabi

Layi’s Twitter account — @layiwasabi

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