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Steve DeAngelo is among the most influential entrepreneurs in the marijuana industry. Steve DeAngelo is a co-founder and chairman emeritus of Harborside Inc., a publicly-traded cannabis company listed on the Canadian Securities Exchange. Let’s take a closer look into the life of


What is the Net Worth of Steve DeAngelo? Salary, Earnings

Steven DeAngelo’s net worth has been estimated at $5 million.

Who is Steve DeAngelo?

DeAngelo has acquired a number of titles during his 64 years on Earth. He is a writer, activist, businessman, creative mastermind, on-screen personality, and an influential advocate for the legalization and growth of the cannabis industry. Despite their comparable net worths, Corinne Bohrer’s biography appears distinct.

Quick facts about Steve DeAngelo

Birth NameSteven DeAngelo
Nick NameSteve
Place Of BirthPhiladelphia
Height6 ft 2 inch
SiblingsAndrew DeAngelo
WifeYolanda Felix DeAngelo
Source of WealthActivist/Entrepreneur
Net Worth$5 million

How was Steve DeAngelo’s early career?

Even if the general public is unaware of the celebrity’s childhood activities, he was destined to become an activist at a young age. The businessman claims he skipped college and participated in anti-war protests.

In order to participate in Youth International Party (YIP) demonstrations, Steve frequently missed lectures as his education advanced.

The original coordinator of the Fourth of July Smoke-In in Washington, D.C., was this activist in the 1970s. He spent more than a decade organizing and overseeing this event.

During the Reagan-Bush administration, DeAngelo provided a safe haven for activists, primarily from the hashish traffic. The legendary countercultural gathering site in Washington, D.C. became extremely popular among marijuana and peace advocates.


DeAngelo is a remarkable businessman who understands how to conduct business, develop and run companies, and guarantee the success of his ventures. There isn’t much information available on Steve’s college years, including his attendance location, timing, and mode.

He earned an honors degree from the College of Maryland. Without question, this prize ranks among the highest academic accolades an institution can provide.


DeAngelo works in a highly wealthy industry, and his firm is booming. Due to all of the businessman’s accomplishments, the Honorable Willie L. Brown named Steve the “Father of the Approved Hashish Trade” in 2015. The activist developed and co-founded a number of exceptional marijuana businesses, in addition to various other organizations.

DeAngelo has spent more than 40 years at the forefront of the marijuana movement, and he has excelled. There are numerous legal regulations as a result of his significant work in the marijuana sector and industry experience. Let’s look at a few of DeAngelo’s businesses, associations, and creative projects:

Throughout the 1990s, the celebrity developed hemp products through his company Ecolution Inc. He purchased the items in numerous countries and over 50 states in the United States.

In 2006, DeAngelo co-founded the Harborside Health Centre, a non-profit organization that registers approximately 300,000 medical marijuana patients on its dispensary list. After ten years, he relaunched the organization as Harborside Inc.

In 2015, the entrepreneur became a writer. He authored the e-book The Hashish Manifesto: A New Wellness Paradigm.
Steve was involved in the expansion of Steep Hill Inc., despite the fact that hashish laboratories are not yet common. This facility was the first of its kind in the United States.

DeAngelo accomplished an additional first in the United States by co-founding the Arcview Group, a funding agency for the cannabis industry.

The activist founded The Final Prisoner Project on the premise that nobody should be imprisoned for marijuana-related charges.
In the Weed Wars documentary on Discovery, he explores the world of medical cannabis.

DeAngelo briefly participated in a weekly YouTube show titled Ask Steve DeAngelo in which subscribers could ask him cannabis-related queries.

The celebrity assisted in the editing and publication of The Emperor Wears No Clothes by Jack Herer.

Cannabis businesses 

He co-founded several iconic cannabis businesses and organizations: Harborside, one of the first six dispensaries licensed in the US; Steep Hill Laboratory, the first dedicated cannabis lab; the Arc View Group, the first cannabis investment firm; and the National Cannabis Industry Association, the industry’s first trade association. He is currently the Last Prisoner Project’s founder.

The Hon. Willie L. Brown Jr., a former speaker of the California Assembly and mayor of San Francisco crowned Steve the “Father of the Legal Cannabis Industry” in 2015 in honor of his groundbreaking achievements.

Social media

As an activist, DeAngelo is not hesitant to be open and honest about his accomplishments. There is limited information about his personal life on social media. On the following platforms, Steve interacts with and communicates with his followers.

Steve’s mission is to bring the cannabis plant and cannabis freedom to every nation and every person on the planet. As Founder of the Last Prisoner Project (2019), he will not stop until the last cannabis prisoner is free. www.stevedeangelo.com

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