Story of Adesech Sadik, the Ethiopian maid pushed off 7th by her boss

– Ethiopian maid who was pushed by her boss off the 7th floor returns home

– The poor lady was rushed to hospital with broken bones and a bloody nose


– She accused her employer of trying to murder her, so she was escaping

– The cruel boss was eventually arrested after intense public outrage

Four months ago, Tuko published a story of an Ethiopian maid who had been brutally thrown off a building on Kuwait’s seventh floor. Well, despite having shattered bones and bleeding from her nose and ears, the poor woman miraculously avoided the fatal fall.

The heartless supervisor was arrested as a result of the incident, which took place in Sabah el-Salem and sparked indignation among the local community and throughout the world.

The maid, Adesech Sadik, was taken to a hospital in Kuwait and is now being treated there. She has since returned to Ethiopia, her native country.

Adesech Sadik

Sadik has reportedly rejoined her family and returned home safely, according to a local news source in Addis Abeba, Ethiopia.

The now-former employer said that Sadik was attempting suicide in an effort to defend herself against criticism from the general public.

However, no one seemed to accept the employer’s version of events. It was difficult to accept because she could be seen in a popular video watching the maid fall while doing nothing to save her.

Adesech Sadik

The maid disagreed with her employer’s assertions. She claimed that as she was attempting to flee, her employer was trying to kill her.

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“Contrary to what she said, I never attempted suicide. When she attempted to kill me, I was actually running away from her, Sadik said to local media in her nation.

She is extremely fortunate to still be alive given how horrific the fall was.

Watch the maid’s video testimony about the incident here:



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