Toluwani George Biography, Age, Early Life, Movies, Net Worth

Toluwani George is a model and actress from Nigeria. She is well-known for her role as Eve in the Showmax telenovela Wura. Toluwani George’s biography, date of birth, age, early life, family, partner, entertainment profession, movies, net worth, houses, automobiles, social media handles, and other information are provided below.


Toluwani George Biography, Date Of Birth, Entertainment Career

Born in Lagos State, Nigeria, Osaile Toluwanimi better known as Toluwani George is a Nigerian actress popular for playing Eve in the Showmax Telenovela, Wura. She also played Sade in the 2023 film, All Na Vibes and the 2022 movie, Crushed Roses. Prior to acting, Tolu Osaile was a model.

Toluwani Wikipedia Profile

Real nameToluwanimi George
NicknameToluwani or Eve
Date of birthAugust 15, 2000
Age23 years old
EducationUniversity of Ibadan
SiblingTemitayo George
Net worth$15,000


Toluwani George had a great modeling career before entering the world of acting. Her amazing appearance, grace, and composure enabled her to star on several runways and adorn the pages of prestigious fashion magazines.

Toluwani George  as a model

As a model, Toluwani George displayed versatility, collaborating with esteemed designers and photographers. Her experience in the fashion world laid a strong foundation for her transition into acting.

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Educational Background

Toluwani George’s solid intellectual background may be traced back to her graduation from the prestigious University of Ibadan, a well-known academic school. Her education has given her a well-rounded viewpoint and a thorough understanding of her craft.

Armed with knowledge and skills acquired during her university years, Toluwani George approaches her acting career with a blend of artistic talent and intellectual prowess.

Acting Breakthrough

Toluwani George’s acting career soared to new heights when she landed the role of Eve in Showmax’s beloved Telenovela, “Wura.” Her exceptional performance as Eve captivated audiences, as she brought depth and authenticity to the character.

Toluwani’s ability to convey a range of emotions with finesse made her a fan favorite. The success of “Wura” introduced Toluwani George as a promising actress to the Nigerian entertainment industry.

Film Success

Building upon her initial success, Toluwani George expanded her acting repertoire by starring in notable films such as “All Na Vibes” and “Crushed Roses.”

In the 2023 film “All Na Vibes,” she portrayed the character of Sade, showcasing her versatility as an actress.

Toluwani’s ability to embody different characters with conviction solidified her position as a sought-after talent in the Nigerian film industry. Her role in the 2022 movie “Crushed Roses” further cemented her status as a rising star.

Personal Life

Toluwani George, who was born and reared in Lagos State, exemplifies Nigeria’s colorful spirit. Her Yoruba background, which she inherited from her father in Osun State, is an important aspect of her identity and adds dimension to her performances.

Toluwani is currently situated in Lagos, the heart of Nigeria’s entertainment industry, where she is polishing her skills and pushing creative boundaries.

Date of Birth- Age

She was born August 15, 2000, making her to be 23 years old at the time of writing this blog post (2023).


We won’t be able to provide you with the answer because Toluwani has decided to keep her relationship life private.

Toluwani Georrge Parents: Mother & Siblings

Her mother’s name is Mrs. Titilayo George and her sister’s name is Temitayo George.

Toluwani and her sister Temitayo
Toluwani and her sister Temitayo

Net Worth

Toluwani net worth is approximately to be about $15,000 which she made from modeling and other creative jobs such as acting.


Toluwani Picture
Toluwani Picture
Toluwani Picture
Toluwani Picture


You can follow Toluwani @toluwanigeorge

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Toluwani George married?

No, She is not married at the time of writing this post.

What is Eve in Wura Real name?

Eve in Wura Showmax series’ real name is Toluwani George.

Social Media Handles

You can connect with Toluwani George on:

Instagram @toluwanigeorge
TikTok @toluwanigeorge
Twitter @toluwanigeorge

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