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Top 10 Baddest guns in the world: Most dangerous guns ever made

Weapons of whatever kind, have been used by humans from the beginning of time as an aid for carrying out some human activities such as cutting, slicing, killing, etc. fast and easily. Research tells us that as far back as five hundred thousand years ago, the early men who inhibited the earth created hunting spears to hunt animals and also protect themselves from dangerous animals.


They were made by simply fixing/attaching a sharp stone to a thick stick. But as evolution takes place, and mindsets has also changed, the make of weapons improved to become more efficient, deadly and even sophisticated. Today, weapons are not only made for protection but also for mass destruction.

We all know that it is legal for the military, forcemen and any security body to carry weapons such as gun in public, but for certain reasons, we are not all permitted to move around with weapons on the streets.

Anyways, let me save you the long story and show you the list of top 10 Baddest guns in the world. These guns have been ranked level of damage they can cause, their range, effectiveness, number of rounds, and efficiency. Feel free to tell me your thoughts about my review below.

Top 10 Baddest guns in the world

  • 1. DSR-Precision DSR 50 Sniper Rifle
  • 2. Thompson M1921
  • 3. UZI Sub Machine Gun
  • 4. XM307 ACSW Advanced Heavy Machine Gun
  • 5. MG3 Machine Gun
  • 6. F-2000 Assault Rifle
  • 7. Accuracy International AS50 Sniper Rifle
  • 8. Heckler and Koch, HK 416 Assault Rifle
  • 9. Heckler and Koch, MG4 MG 43 Machine Gun
  • 10. Kalashnikov AK-47.

10. Kalashnikov AK-47

Baddest guns in the world
Kalashnikov AK-47

Kalashnikov AK-47, simply called AK-47, was one of the most used guns during World War II. Kalashnikov AK-47 is designed to fire 580 rounds per minute, and it has an effective range of 400 to 800m (here ‘m’ means ‘meter’). AK-47 over decades has become so popularly used because of it is light in weight – making it easy to carry and use, and it is resistance to bad weather.

This powerful gun is among those guns that you can effectively make use of under water, however, the cost of producing this gun is quite small when compared to other heavy-duty guns as it has only eight moving parts. The AK-47 is part of the Kalashnikov rifle series, named after the inventor of the original unit.

The most recent of which is the AK-15, which is chambered for a 5.45x39mm cartridge. Often seen used by both military personnel and terrorists, the AK-47 is a gas-operated firearm with a wooden buttstock. It is chambered for 7.62x39mm cartridge and can be outfitted with either a stick magazine or a drum magazine.

9. Heckler and Koch, MG4 MG 43 Machine Gun

Baddest guns in the world
Heckler and Koch, MG4 MG 43 Machine Gun

Hecker and Koch, a German company, were the originator of the deadly weapon. It was developed in 1990 but gained popularity in 2000. It is a 5.56 mm belt-fed machine gun. It is called “perfect killer” because of its high level of accuracy; it never misses the target. One powerful and beauty of this baddest gun is that can shoot 775 to 885 rounds per minute.

MG4 MG 43 Machine Gun was built with an effective range of 1000 meters at heart. Another advantage of this gun is that it can work very fine in bad conditions and can cause great harm to its victim.

It usually comes with a 30-round stick magazine but can also be outfitted with a whopping 100-round drum magazine. It can be used in both semi-automatic and fully automatic modes. The HK416 is popularly known as the gun used to kill Osama Bin Laden in 2011.

8. Heckler and Koch, HK 416 Assault Rifle

Baddest guns in the world
Heckler and Koch, HK 416 Assault Rifle

Heckler and Koch made this deadly beast. HK 416 is said to be a modernized form of American M4. HK 416 is a 5.56mm (here ‘mm’ means ‘millimetre) assault rifle that can fire 700 to 900 rounds per minute, having an effective shooting range of 600 meters. HK 416 makes use of a short-stroke gas piston system. It was popular during the war in Afghanistan, the Iraq war, and the Turkish-Kurdish conflict. This sophisticated weapon replaced the FAMAS in French Armed Forces. SEAL Team Six employed Heckler and Koch, HK 416 Assault Rifles to kill dangerous man Osama Bin Laden in 2011.

7. Accuracy International AS50 Sniper Rifle

Baddest guns in the world
Accuracy International AS50 Sniper Rifle

Accuracy International AS50 Sniper Rifle is a 14.1kg sniper rifle produced from a lightweight Titanium frame and a floating barrel. It was created in 2005 and is used widely in the present. It was created in 2005 and is used widely today. This Sniper Rifle can fire five rounds of .50 BGM every 1.6 seconds. It was made by British Firearm producer Accuracy International Ltd.

This deadly gun, Accuracy International AS50 Sniper Rifle, has a range of 1800m and 12.7mm calibre. You can imagine targeting a long distance shoot of on high accuracy with it. It also doubles as an anti-materiel rifle. Meaning, it’s highly effective against both personnel and military equipment.

6. F-2000 Assault Rifle

Baddest guns in the world
F-2000 Assault Rifle

Coming on spot number 6 among the 10 Baddest guns in the world is this amazing gun, F-2000 Assault Rifle, which was made by FN Herstal, by a Belgium firearm developing company. NATO widely uses this 5.56mm calibre lethal weapon. This super nice beast is fully automated, and it can fire 850 rounds per minute. This gun was first displayed in Abu Dhabi in 2001, and was built to hit a range of 500m. One unique feature about it is that it is gas operated, and it has a 40mm lightweight grenade launcher. It has been used in the war in Afghanistan, the Yemeni Civil War, Operation Astute, and many more.

5. MG3 Machine Gun

Baddest guns in the world
MG3 Machine Gun

This massive MG3 Machine Gun is getting to almost six decades in existence now, it was made is Germany. It has been used extensively in major wars like World War II. MG3 Machine Gun was originated in Germany. It has the ability to fire 1200 to 1400 rounds per minute with an effective range of 1200m, and it is an automated gun. With a super-fast speed with the help of a 7.62mm calibre has made it fit on the 5th spot among the top 10 Baddest guns in the world.

4. XM307 ACSW Advanced Heavy Machine Gun

XM307 ACSW Advanced Heavy Machine Gun

This is by far one of the baddest guns in the world history. XM307 ACSW Advanced Heavy Machine Gun was designed by the US army, it can fire 250 rounds per minute. This powerful “bad ass” weapon of destruction is usually operated by two men, and it was built with a range of 2000m; this range is indeed a scary one! It is fondly called a Heavy-duty machine Gun because it has no mercy for its target even up to a range of 1000 meters. This baddest gun will do justice to its victims; it can even destroy heavy types of machinery such as watercraft and helicopters.

3. UZI Sub Machine Gun

UZI Sub Machine Gun

Making its way to spot number 3 is this deadly weapon which was seen in action in World War II. Uziel Gal (the gun designer) made this beast in collaboration with the Israel Ministry of Defense. Although the range of UZI Sub Machine Gun is only 200m, but it can deliver shots at 600 rounds per minute. The manufacturing of this gun is very cheap compared to other guns because it has very few moving parts. It is used by various military units in the world and also by individuals for their personal safety.

2. Thompson M1921

Thompson M1921

It was designed in 1919, and it is named after the developer, General John Taliaferro Thompson. Another name for Thompson M1921 is “Tommy Gun.” This gun is not a pistol nor a complete machine gun. We can see it almost everyday in the hands of many police officials, soldiers, and security agencies because of its accuracy and lightweight. It weighs 4.69 kg and can fire 1000 rounds per minute, and it has an effective range of 100-150m. Thompson M1921 has a .45ACP calibre.

1. DSR-Precision DSR 50 Sniper Rifle

DSR-Precision DSR 50 Sniper Rifle

Making it to spot number 1 on our list of the top 10 baddest guns in the world top is this DSR-Precision DSR 50 Sniper Rifle which stands out as the top among the deadliest of guns. DSR-Precision GmbH in Germany manufactures DSR-Precision DSR 50 Sniper Rifle. It has a range of 1500 m, and it fires.50 calibre. It is built with free-floating barrel technology. One sweetest thing about this lovely weapon is that it is highly adjustable and short in length. It has a holder in the front, which makes it even faster by reducing the reload time.

My Final Thought

These were the top 10 baddest guns in the world (most dangerous weapons acctually). This list is subject to change as time goes on because we know that technology is on the rise daily. On a second thought, different individuals prefer using different guns, and even the expertise in handling a simple gun can prove to be lethal.


Which is the No 1 weapon in the world?

Of course, nuclear weapons surpass all other weapons made to date, because they have enormous destructive power and can cut down an entire city and a large part of the population, and radiation after a nuclear attack would be present for decades.

Is AK-47 the best gun in the world?

The AK-47 is the deadliest weapon ever built, on the whole. Its kill count even tops nuclear weapons in sheer numbers. But the first AK-47s were very heavy and weren’t really built for aiming.

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