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11 Lies Nigerians Tell Almost Everyday

In case you did not know, Nigerians have a Ph.D. in lying. In fact, they can lie for Africa. Some people are experts in it. People may tell various lies daily for various reasons. Some common lies that people might tell in their daily lives include:

Lies Nigerians Tell

However, in this article, I will be pointing out 10 lies Nigerians tell almost everyday:


1. I am almost at your place

When they have not even left the house.

2. It was not the iPhone x that is paining me oh, it is my SIM card

Lies Nigerians Tell

Sister, are you talking about that free MTN SIM card? Please just keep quiet

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3. Your clothes will be ready in thirty minutes’ time

nigerian tailors disappointing clients

Aunty you be magician?

4. ‘Hello? hello?, Ah, this network is bad O’

Lies Nigerians tell almost every day
Lies Nigerian tells almost everyday (Pinterest)

Especially when it is time to talk about their debt.

5. The breakup is not affecting me self. I just want to know why and who they left me for

Lies Nigerians Tell

Brother just tell us that it is affecting you. Just say it is paining you. We will understand.

6. When I was in primary school I always take the first position

Daddy, why are you telling lies, I am your son, oh.

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7. Oga enter make we day go, I Sabi the place

Image result for okada riders

Nigeria bike riders when they are about to get you lost

8. Babe just come and spend the night with me, we will just cuddle and that’s it

Image result for why you lying meme

Okay you are talking about how you will cuddle the back side abi. Brother i hail oh

9. Sir, I was not sleeping, I was trying to pick up my pen that fell under my desk

Image result for nigerian lecturers

Sister, you for talk true small na, I know say you don reach your village

10. ‘It will not come out in the exam’

Lies Nigerian tell almost everyday
Lies Nigerians tell almost everyday (Zikoko!)

Yeah, Nigerian students will testify to this. Meanwhile, what will not come out in the exam will be the compulsory number one question.

11. ‘I am not aware of any social media bill

The role model we all look up to. Yeah, you heard me.

Kinds of Lies People Tell and Why

People may tell various lies daily for various reasons. Some common lies that people might tell in their daily lives include:

1. White Lies: These are harmless lies told to avoid hurting someone’s feelings or to keep a situation from becoming uncomfortable. For example, saying you like a gift when you don’t or praising someone’s cooking even if it wasn’t your favorite.

Scenario: Your friend asks if you like their new haircut.  
Response: "Oh, yes! It looks great on you!"

2. Excuses: People often make up excuses to avoid commitments, responsibilities, or awkward situations. It could be calling in sick to work when they are not, or making up a reason to cancel plans with a friend.

Scenario: Your colleague invites you to an after-work event, but you prefer to go home and relax.
Response: "I can't make it tonight; I have some urgent family matters to attend to."

3. Exaggerations: People sometimes exaggerate stories or accomplishments to impress others or gain attention. This could be boasting about achievements or experiences.

Scenario: You caught a big fish on a fishing trip and want to impress your friends.
Response: "It was this massive fish, at least three times the size of any I've seen!"

4. Lies to Avoid Consequences: When people make mistakes or have done something wrong, they may lie to avoid facing the consequences or punishment.

Scenario: You accidentally broke a fragile item at a friend's house.
Response: "I haven't seen anything broken; maybe it was like that before."

5. Lies to Protect Privacy: People might withhold the truth or lie to protect their privacy, especially in sensitive or personal matters.

Scenario: A coworker asks about your salary.
Response: "I'd rather not discuss my salary, but I'm satisfied with my compensation."

6. Lies to Gain Advantage: Some people may lie to gain an advantage or manipulate a situation in their favor. This can happen in various contexts, such as in business negotiations or social interactions.

Scenario: During a job interview, you exaggerate your skills and experiences.
Response: "I'm very proficient in using advanced software programs and have extensive experience in managing teams."

7. Lies to Maintain a False Image: People might lie to present themselves in a more positive or desirable light, hiding their flaws or weaknesses.

Scenario: You pretend to be interested in a hobby that you know little about to impress someone. Response: "Oh, I'm a big fan of classic literature too! War and Peace is one of my favorite books."

It’s essential to remember that while lies may be common in daily life, honesty and integrity are crucial for building trust and maintaining healthy relationships. It’s best to be truthful and sincere whenever possible, while also being considerate and respectful of others’ feelings and boundaries.


I won’t lie, I am a victim of some of these lies. What of you?

Chika Aliede

I am a content writer that specializes on health, lifestyle and travel. I bring intuition and knowledge in the area of health, lifestyle and travel.

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