Buffalo Shooting Video Reddit

After a live feed by the Buffalo shooter, the mass shooting video clip became viral on Twitter and Reddit. Days after the tragedy shocked the globe, the video of the buffalo shooting on Twitch Reddit has suddenly been posted online.


Twitch, an Amazon-owned social media site, has come under fire for taking a while to take down the video clip online.

Buffalo Shooting Video Reddit shooting live stream footage

Twitch took down a video of the perpetrator in the Buffalo grocery store massacre less than two minutes after the violence started.

Twitch claims that the perpetrator of a shooting spree that left ten people dead in a Buffalo, New York, supermarket live-streamed the crime.

Authorities said that an 18-year-old white guy opened fire at a store in a community with a high concentration of Black people, killing ten people and injuring three more.

11 of the 13 victims, according to the officials, were African Americans. The video is still being circulated on Twitter by accounts such as Traci Young Fant and Kev despite Twitch removing it.

A mass shooting has already been streamed on Amazon-owned Twitch. Thousands of people watched the Twitch live stream of a synagogue attack in Germany before it was removed in 2019.

Buffalo Shooting Video Reddit


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