Werey Meaning: What does the word “Werey” mean in English?

Werey Meaning In English

Someone that is crazy or acting irrationally. Also used for someone negatively outspoken and loudmouthed. Mostly used by the Yorubas in Nigeria and West Africa to define madness.


For Instance: You be Werey means you are crazy

A person with unfathomably sound reasoning, who approaches situations from predictable perspectives, and who exhibits some degree of genius. While not being a genius in any way, 

Common on! That’s insanely brilliant, that’s is some werey sh*t.

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Werey Dey Disguise

This is another Yoruba pidgin street slang, ‘Werey’ in Yoruba means acting irrationally or crazy. In totality “werey dey disguise” means, the act of camouflaging or appearing or speaking out in contrast to what you really mean people can see right through their being fake.

“Werey dey disguise” is usually accompanied by several mimes, it is used when someone is acting up but you see through them.

If you are using twitter on a regular basis you must have come across this slang, “Soro Soke Werey. It is a new slang that Nigerians are now using under the comments sections on twitter.

So what is the meaning of this new slang. Firstly the slang is in Yoruba language. The meaning of “Soro Soke” is speak louder.

The slang ia usually used when they believe that someone is lying to them or someone is shy to tell them something.

Please before you use thia anywhere from anybody remember that the meaning of “werey” is “mad person” and the meaning of “werey soro soke” is “Mad person, speak up/out”.

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