Sara Laboissonniere and Olga Millette obituary

The two victims who perished in a two-car collision on Pine Swamp Road close to West Wrentham Road in Cumberland, Rhode Island, had monuments posted in their honor.


The sources claim that two vehicles collided on Pine Swamp Road on Monday, February 13, 2023, killing Sara Laboissonniere and Olga Millette. The police identified them after they were both declared dead.

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Olga Millette was known to her family and friends. She shared a hometown with the second victim of the collision. Learn what transpired to her and how she died.

Olga Millette and Sara Laboissonniere

Sara Laboissonniere

Friends and family of Sara Laboissonniere and Olga Millette are using their social media accounts to pay tribute to them and convey their sincere condolences to their families, who are struggling after losing a loved one in this tragic tragedy, now that it has been confirmed that they died.


The Cumberland Police Department issued the following statement in a press release: “On Monday, February 13, 2023, Cumberland Police, Fire, and Emergency Medical Services were summoned to the location of 210 Pine Swamp Road for an automobile collision that resulted in the deaths of two people.

At this time, we can establish that both victims were Cumberland-based 25-year-old Sara J. Laboissonniere.


Why Did Olga Millette and Sara Laboissonniere Die?

Olga Milette, 57, was born in Blackstone, Massachusetts, and currently resides in Woonsocket, according to the news release. These two women were killed in a tragic tragedy, but neither their families nor acquaintances were aware of what had happened.

Emergency personnel arrived on the scene on Pine Swamp Road on Monday night at about 11 PM, according to Cumberland Police Chief Matthew Benson.

Investigators believe that the second automobile struck Laboissonniere and fled the scene, which led to the collision that killed him, according to Benson, who stated this in a news release on Tuesday morning.

Witnesses to the collision reported seeing two automobiles traveling very quickly when one abruptly veered into the opposing lane and struck Laboissonniere’s vehicle. It was really tragic to discover both drivers deceased at the site.

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Olga Millette’s friend Sandra Goding created a GoFundMe page to collect money for her funeral and obituary. Sadly, their kin suffered the loss of close ones. There is still no information available regarding their funeral or obituary.

Continue to pray for them and keep them in your thoughts. Olga Millette and Sara Laboissonniere, be at peace.

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