What does “Let Him Cook” slang mean?

Let Him Cook is currently the most popular emote on Twitch, TikTok, and all other related social media platforms. It is the most recent meme to match the popularity and usage of “KekW” and “Copium.”


By using his catchphrase Let That Boy Cook in July 2010, American rapper Lil B, also known as TheBasedGod, unintentionally coined it and popularized it.

The phrase was originally intended to depict dance routines frequently seen in rap videos, as seen in the video, with cooking signifying dancing and the dancer being the chef.

Meaning and spread of ‘Let Him Cook’

let him cook

“Let him cook” implies to “let him do his thing,” or to offer someone space to practice their art, according to Urban Dictionary.

However, since it was first used a little more than ten years ago, the phrase has grown to encompass a wide range of meanings.

Synonym for flirting

Let Him Cook is a phrase that generally means to let someone do what they do best or to keep doing what they are already good at. It typically refers to someone who is flirting or trying to use their ‘rizz’.

New base

The phrase “Let Him Cook” has become a catchphrase meaning allowing someone the freedom to voice their unpopular thoughts or controversial viewpoints that some others may agree with.

It seems they’re on to something, so hold off on criticizing or rebuking their message before hearing out their complete chain of reasoning.

The catchphrase-turned-meme first appeared in the American football community 11 years ago when several players decided to perform the “cooking” dance after scoring a touchdown.

On December 29, 2013, former American football player Damien Woody uttered the following:

Just get Geno some weapons & let him cook!

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