Woman photographs 100 pictures of penises – for truly inspiring reason says Mirror

The Bare Reality: Laura Dodsworth’s Thought-Provoking Exploration of 100 pictures of penises

Renowned author and photographer Laura Dodsworth has once again pushed the boundaries of societal norms with her latest book, “The Bare Reality.” Delving into the complexities surrounding the male anatomy, Dodsworth embarked on a journey to photograph 100 penises, each accompanied by personal stories, to shed light on the importance of understanding and embracing this often misunderstood body part.


In “The Bare Reality,” Dodsworth tackles the subject with the utmost sensitivity, intelligence, and empathy, providing a platform for men to share their intimate experiences, struggles, and triumphs concerning their penises. The book aims to dismantle the taboo and stigma surrounding discussions about male genitalia, fostering an environment where individuals can openly confront their insecurities and body image issues.

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The idea behind this groundbreaking project emerged from Dodsworth’s earlier work, which centered on women’s relationships with their breasts. Witnessing the profound impact of these conversations on women’s self-esteem and body acceptance, she recognized the need for similar exploration of male experiences. Acknowledging the disparities in societal conversations about bodies, Dodsworth was determined to give the male perspective equal attention and validation.

To find willing participants for “The Bare Reality,” Dodsworth embarked on a challenging recruitment process, emphasizing the importance of diversity in age, ethnicity, and background among her subjects. Through heartfelt conversations, she established a sense of trust with each participant, ensuring they felt comfortable sharing their experiences candidly.

The resulting book stands as a poignant collection of photographs and stories that reflect the multifaceted nature of male experiences and perspectives. Some stories delve into the impact of societal expectations, highlighting the pressure men face to conform to rigid standards of masculinity. Others explore the emotional struggles arising from body dysmorphia, past trauma, or insecurities, offering readers an intimate glimpse into the complexities of male body image.

By presenting these narratives alongside artistic photographs of the penises, Dodsworth aims to normalize discussions about male genitalia, breaking down the walls of silence and shame that often surround the topic. The book seeks to empower men to embrace their bodies without judgment, encouraging them to appreciate their uniqueness and find pride in their individuality.

Critics of Dodsworth’s work argue that the project is unnecessary or sensationalist. However, supporters recognize the importance of such an endeavor in promoting body positivity and mental well-being for men. The book has sparked essential conversations about the impact of societal expectations on body image, mental health, and self-esteem, fostering a more inclusive and understanding society.

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“The Bare Reality” serves as a testament to the power of art and storytelling in challenging preconceived notions and reshaping cultural attitudes. Laura Dodsworth’s unwavering dedication to exploring the human experience in its rawest form has once again left an indelible mark on the realm of body positivity and self-acceptance.

In a world where open conversations about bodies remain elusive, “The Bare Reality” stands tall as a trailblazer, urging us to acknowledge the significance of the penis, not merely as a physical organ but as a symbol of identity, vulnerability, and resilience in the male experience.

Through her artistry and unwavering dedication to breaking barriers, Laura Dodsworth has provided a powerful voice to men around the world, encouraging them to embrace their bodies with newfound confidence and pride.

This YouTube video also explains a lot about the book

But Dodsworth added that some men “were [still] very nervous”. Others were more bold. One thing was attached to them all: the fact they revealed more by revealing themselves.

“I think it felt quite emotional for a few men,” the author said. “Some were about to bare cancer scars, or suffered from a sense of shame about their body. Some were relaxed. Some were proud.”

Dodsworth admitted that she felt a little embarrassed in the first few photoshoots, but that was soon vanquished. In the end, she learned a lot.

Dodsworth said: “Men feel pressure about body image, in similar ways to women, albeit a bit less so. I had no idea how many men carry around anxiety and insecurity about the size of their penis, or some aspect of their performance.

See 100 pictures of penises taken by Dodsworth

100 pictures of penises

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