‘You Go Explain Tire No Evidence’ Meaning Explained

One lovely thing about Nigeria is that we love cruise. No matter the weather, no matter how hard the economy is bitting, we still find a way of catching cruise with every trend. Well, thanks to Burna Boy, we’re all saying: “You Go Explain Tire No Evidence.” The internet has been buzzing with this new slang. We are still on the cruise of “Brother Benerd,” now, a new slang has emerged.


How it started?

It all began with Burna Boy having a chat with fans on Instagram Live. While talking, he said:

“If you no make am no evidence say you try your best.” “You go dey explain tire.” “You go explain explain explain because no evidence say you try your best if you no make am.”

And from these lines, fans picked the line: “You go explain tire no evidence”.

You Go Explain Tire No Evidence

What Does ‘You Go Explain Tire No Evidence’ Meaning?

In simple terms:

  1. “You go explain tire” – You’ll keep on explaining yourself.
  2. “No evidence” – There’s no proof of what you’re claiming.

Netizens reaction to the new slang

The phrase isn’t just words. It’s sparked a lot of reactions:

“Results speak louder than words, and this phrase is the perfect reminder!” – Twitter User @NaijaFanatic23

You Go Explain Tire No Evidence

You Go Explain Tire No Evidence Meaning

The saying “no evidence, you go explain tire” is a trending and popular saying by Burna Boy that means that if you don’t have any evidence to support your claims, you’ll be left explaining yourself to people who don’t believe you. This proverb can be applied to many different aspects of life, but it’s especially relevant when it comes to hard work and persistence.

If you work hard and never give up on your dreams, you will eventually succeed. People will be quick to disregard your efforts if you don’t have any evidence to show for your hard work. They’ll tell you that you’re lucky or that you didn’t work hard enough. They’ll come up with any excuse to explain away your success.

That is why it is critical to have evidence to back up your statements. People are more likely to believe in you and your abilities if you can demonstrate that you have worked hard. They are more inclined to support you and assist you in reaching your goals.

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