Zion Clark How Does He Pee or Poo?

Zion Clark is a 22-year-old American professional wrestling champion. He was born with an adnormal condition described as Caudal Regression Syndrome, which made him to be born without legs.


The story of Clark is a very emotional one: He was abandoned by his biological parents, was adopted by his foster mother – Kimberly Clark Hawkins.

He was adopted by his foster mother, Kimberly Clark Hawkins at age 16. Clark stated that his foster family had abandoned the boy at the time, he was left with no place to call home. This triggered sympathy from Hawkins, hence, she took him in after seven months.

“They made it seem like I was the absolute worst kid on the planet, but my mom didn’t believe them,”Zion Clark stated.

How Does Zion Clark Poo or Pee?

Zion Clark How Does He Pee or Poo

There has not been any online video showing how he Poos or Pees, however, i have been able to gather some helpful questions regarding the query above. I will simply describe Zion Clark as a miraculous child, favoured amongst men.

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If you take a look at Clark, you should be challenged about your life. Despite his condition, he has proven that there is always an ability in every disability. Just imagine how he is able to poo and pee without having his lower body. So, hoe does Zion Clark poo or pee?


Just as I mentioned above, Zion Clark was born with caudal regression syndrome which hinders the growth of the lower body and results in him not having feet or legs, as reported by NBC 7’s Priya Sridhar.

“In my case, my birth mother did a whole bunch of drugs, I was born with practically every party drug in my system that you can think of and that in turn is what caused the caudal syndrome to develop,”Clark

Clark is unlucky to have been born with this deadly syndrome that affects 1 to 2.5 per 100,000 newborns, according to a statistics from MedlinPlus. He was immediately sent to a foster care center and was transferred to nine different foster homes across Ohio in Ohio and New York until the age of 16, according to his statement.

What exactly is Caudal Regression Syndrome?

Caudal regression is a disease that hinders the growth of the lower (caudal) part of the human body. The affected regions are found in the lower back, legs and genitourinary tract, and the digestive tract. In this condition, bone fragments of the lower spinal (vertebrae) are usually distorted or absent as well as the segments of spinal cords are abnormal or absent.

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Babies who are affected by this may experience insufficient closing of vertebrae surrounding the spine, or a sac of fluid that is covered by skin that could or might not contain a part of the cord or hair tufts that are located at the spine’s base.

Victims of this health condition might also be affected by an unusual side-to-side spinal curvature (scoliosis). The spinal irregularities can affect the shape and size of the chest. This can lead to breathing issues in certain patients.

Zion Clark Story

He was a child in orphanages and suffered from abuse, hunger, and the pressure of being harassed. However, sport helped him survive and his tale of triumph was made available to the world through Netflix.

“I started fighting in second grade,” Zion said in the Daily Mail. “When I was very young, in the first fights I didn’t know what to do, and neither did my opponent.” In the time following a lot of testing and experience, he changed his style of fighting until he figured out how to perfect his method that was appropriate for his situation.

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At present, the wrestler trains each week for six hours in double shifts. He has the aim to “one day be part of the Olympic team, and be one of the best freestyle wrestlers in the world.”

Due to his academic performance, Zion earned a place at Kent State University, where the school teaches business administration.

Kimberly Hawkins, Zion’s adoptive mother. She adopted him when he was just 16 years old and they began a family. “My connection with her is amazing. She is the most beautiful woman I’ve ever met,” he thanked her. She also revealed that she was always supportive of her passion for athletics.

Does Zion Clark possess a pelvis?

Caudal regression syndrome can be described as a condition that affects the growth of the lower (caudal) part of the human body. The affected areas could be the lower back, legs as well as genitourinary tract, and digestive tract.

Does Zion Clark has a Penis?

Yes, he does! He can either be carried to the toilet and then pee inside or in the bedpan. It has been reported Zion Clark may use a pee bag to go pee more easily without needing to climb onto the toilet as frequently.

How Does Zion Clark Pee?

Zion Clark pees through a tube inserted through the lower part of his body into the bladder. Then his urine is drained through the tube into a bag for collection. But since Zion Clark is only missing his legs, he is likely to go to the bathroom or pee normally, however, he uses the tube or different bags for either poop or pee to make it more convenient.

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