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10 Weirdest kinks you wouldn’t believe exist

Human sexuality is a vast and diverse spectrum, and what arouses one person may seem unusual or even bizarre to another. As society becomes more accepting and open about various sexual preferences, we explore the realm of kinks – unconventional desires that may raise eyebrows or elicit curiosity.


In this blog post, we will delve into ten of the weirdest kinks, offering a glimpse into the fascinating world of human sexuality while promoting understanding and respect for individual preferences.

10 Weirdest kinks

1. Vorarephilia (Vore)

Vorarephilia involves a fascination with the idea of being eaten or eating another person. This fantasy can be non-sexual or sexual in nature, with some individuals finding arousal in role-playing scenarios or stories involving consumption.

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2. Formicophilia

Formicophilia is a kink where individuals experience sexual arousal from having insects crawl on or bite them. While it may be unconventional, it is essential to ensure safety and avoid potential harm to oneself or the insects involved.

3. Mechanophilia

Mechanophilia is characterized by sexual attraction or arousal towards machines, such as cars, bikes, or even robots. This kink often involves the desire to engage in sexual activities with the object.

4. Agalmatophilia

Agalmatophilia is the sexual attraction to statues, mannequins, or dolls. People with this kink find arousal from engaging with these inanimate objects, sometimes dressing or posing them for their pleasure.

5. Macrophilia and Microphilia

Macrophilia involves sexual attraction to giants or giantesses, while microphilia is the attraction to tiny or miniature individuals. These fantasies may include scenarios of being shrunken or growing to massive proportions.

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6. Eproctophilia

Eproctophiles experience sexual arousal from flatulence or the act of passing gas. This kink involves finding the smell or sound of gas pleasurable.

7. Nasophilia

Nasophiles are aroused by the nose, either in terms of its appearance or through engaging in sexual activities involving the nose, such as rubbing or touching.

8. Acrotomophilia

Acrotomophilia involves attraction to individuals with amputations or the idea of being amputated oneself. It is essential to approach this kink with sensitivity and respect for individuals with disabilities.

9. Urophilia (Golden Showers)

Urophilia, also known as “watersports,” is the arousal from urine and involves incorporating it into sexual activities. Consent and hygiene are paramount when exploring this kink.

10. Hybristophilia

Hybristophiles experience sexual arousal from criminals or individuals who have committed heinous acts. This attraction may stem from the desire to “fix” or “redeem” the person.


As we explore the ten weirdest kinks, it is crucial to remember that human sexuality is a diverse and personal aspect of our lives. What one person finds arousing may not appeal to another, and that is entirely normal. As long as all activities are consensual, legal, and safe, individuals have the right to explore and embrace their kinks without judgment.

Understanding and accepting the diversity of human sexuality can foster a more inclusive and sex-positive society where all preferences are respected and celebrated.

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