Alaba International Market

In Ojo, Lagos State, Nigeria, there is an electronics market called Alaba International Market. It is Nigeria’s biggest electronics market. The market also engages in the repair of household appliances in addition to the sale of electronic goods.

Electronics and electrical experts that specialize in the repair of broken home appliances have opportunities to conduct business with electronics dealers thanks to the market and its diverse range of commercial operations.

Alaba International Market

The market is open every day, excluding Sundays and other holidays. This regular trade and popularity have drawn new investors and electronics merchants from all across Africa, growing the market and populace and having a substantial impact on the economy of Lagos State.

Fundamental Structural Features

The Alaba international market is a perfect market, with no entry or exit barriers, and no dealer influencing the price of the electronic products it buys or sells there.

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Huge numbers of vendors and consumers who are willing to purchase goods at a certain price depending on their needs and means distinguish the market and facilitate long-term changes to shifting market conditions.

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