Angry Orangutan attacks man at Zoo video

Although orangutans are notorious for being hostile, especially against people, one animal was obviously upset, and a man discovered exactly how powerful the great apes truly are.

Watch the video; when the man approaches the cage too closely, the orangutan immediately grabs him by the shirt and pulls him in closer and closer, probably attempting to bite him.


From there, the ape and the man’s pals are engaged in a tug of war, and the man’s friends are losing.

The strength of the beast is astounding when it holds the man’s leg at one point, causing him to become completely horizontal.

It’s unclear exactly when and where the video was shot, but the man allegedly turned out to be ok.

As you can expect, the bizarre video is causing a stir on social media. “Google people who have been attacked by apes,” one person remarked.

They have the strength to destroy you. And they start with your hands and face.


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