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Barry Winkleman, Claudia Winkleman’s father, was previously the publisher of “The Times World History Atlas” at Times Books Limited.


Quick Facts About Barry Winkleman

Full Name Barry Winkleman
Profession Book publisher
Famous For Father Of Claudia Winkleman
Marital Status Married
Current Partner Cindy Black
Ex-Wife Eve Pollard
Children 2 (Claudia and Sophie Winkleman)
Grandchildren 5
Known For Times Books Limited’s ‘Times Atlas of World History.’

Barry Winkleman Biography, Wikipedia

Who Is Barry Winkleman, Claudia Winkleman’s Father?

Times Books Limited employed former “Times Atlas of World History” publisher Barry Winkleman. He rose to prominence as the father of Claudia and Sophie Winkleman. They are not full sisters, though, because they were born into two different families.

Claudia is a journalist, film critic, radio host, and television host from England. Sophie is an English actress who goes by the stage name Lady Frederick Windsor.

Claudia’s parents, journalists Eve Pollard and Barry Winkleman, may have impacted her ambition to work in the media.

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Her promising television career began when she began to feature frequently in the iconic BBC series Holiday, which aired from the mid-1980s through the mid-1990s.

Barry Winkleman Net Worth

The famous parent is currently living a high life. We don’t know what he works for a living right now, so we can’t say anything about his fortune. On the other hand, one of his daughters is a multimillionaire.

Claudia’s net worth is believed to be $12 million (£8.74 million), based on her work as a presenter, radio, advertisements, and other ventures. This estimate was obtained from online sources.

The television host has been on Strictly Come Dancing for seven years, and it is rumored that this is the show where she has made the most money.

Similarly, his daughter Sophie has not yet given any financial information. She also makes money from her radio and television work. All of his daughters are living a lavish lifestyle.

Barry Winkleman Marriage With Eve Pollard

Barry Winkleman and Eve Pollard married in Hendon, north London, in 1968. Their marriage failed, and they divorced in 1975. They both remarried four years after their divorce. Claudia was just three years old when her parents divorced.

Pollard was born in the London suburb of Paddington. Pollard (then Pollak) grew up in Maida Vale, London, with Pollard (then Pollak), her younger twin brothers Peter and Ralph Pollak, who now live in Southern California, and her Jewish parents Izzo and Martha.

Her Hungarian father fled to France in 1940 as a member of the Free French after her mother left Austria in 1938. She became interested in journalism while attending a women’s grammar school in London.

After the divorce, Eve raised her kids on her own for four years. She took great care of her daughter. Before they got married, she dated Nicholas Lloyd, a former Daily Express editor, for a long time. The couple exchanged wedding vows in the year 1979.

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Elle has served as the editor of several tabloid newspapers

When she advanced to the role of fashion editor at Honey magazine in 1967, her professional career officially began. She switched to the Daily Mirror the next year.

Eve began her career in women’s magazines and eventually rose to the position of magazine supplement editor for the Sunday Mirror, Sunday Express, and countless other national Sunday publications. She relaunched Elle magazine in the US as its first editor-in-chief.

Eve now often contributes as a correspondent to BBC1’s The One Show. She frequently guest-stars on shows like The News Quiz, You and Yours, This Morning, Have I Got News For You, Loose Women, and Daily Politics on radio and television. A biography of Eve has also been written and published.

Eve is a member of the Newspaper Takeover Panel of the Competition Commission and a well-known media critic of its effects and future.

She teaches media studies as a visiting fellow at Bournemouth University. Eve is the vice-chairman of the Wellbeing of Women group and an outspoken supporter of improving women’s health.

Eve covers a wide range of topics, including politics, culture, the media, and women in business. After dinner, Eve shares tales about Fleet Street and the corridors of power that involve, among others, Margaret Thatcher, Alastair Campbell, and Rupert Murdoch. She is also a gifted and professional host and facilitator.

Eve can rightfully be called “the first lady of Fleet Street” due to her varied and interesting career, which has seen her go from junior reporter to editor in the traditionally male-dominated sector of newspaper journalism.

Claudia Winkleman is married to movie producer Kris Thykier.

Claudia Winkleman is married to movie producer Kris Thykier.

Barry Winkleman Is Currently Married To Wife Cindy

Cindy Winkleman, a children’s author, is married to Barry Winkleman. In 1979, they married in Camden, London, England. Sophie Winkleman, their second child, was born on August 5, 1980.

Sophie Winkleman attended the City of London School for Girls and Trinity Hall, Cambridge, where she majored in English literature.

She joined the Cambridge Footlights after writing and participating in the three-month British tour of the comedic revue Far Too Happy, which resulted in the group getting its first Perrier Award nomination in 20 years.

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In 1997, she joined the National Youth Theatre of Great Britain. She performs as a soprano in Sky Arts’ First Love series.

Sophie Is A Well-Known Actress 

Sophie Winkleman’s role as “Big Suze” on the sitcom “Peep Show” launched her career. She played Jez, one of the show’s pivotal characters played by Robert Webb, as his privileged love interest, in a lovely and naive manner.

Following her outstanding performance in “Waking the Dead,” she appeared in a number of television series.

Other notable appearances include Zoey on the iconic CBS comedy Two and a Half Men, where she co-starred as the British girlfriend with Hollywood celebrity Ashton Kutcher, and Susan Pevensie’s older self in the Disney rendition of The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe.

She most recently appeared as Lady Susan, Charlotte Heyward’s high society companion, in the historical drama Sanditon.

She has resumed acting after sustaining severe injuries in a car accident in 2017. She needed years of therapy and even a personal chef paid for by Prince Charles before she could get up again.

Away from the flash and glamour of the big screen and royal life, Sophie is a supporter of The Big Issue and frequently speaks out against social issues like homelessness and poverty.

Barry’s Second Daughter Is Married To A Royal 

Barry’s second child, Sophie Winkleman, is well-known for her career in the entertainment industry and for marrying Lord Frederick Windsor. In 2009, they married in a small ceremony at Hampton Court Palace in Surrey. Frederick is the 53rd in line to the British throne and a finance analyst.

Even after she married Queen Elizabeth II’s first cousin, Lady Frederick Windsor, people still call her by her given name at work.

Sophie has sat in the first row for some of the most famous events in British history, including the marriage of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, the Queen’s 90th birthday celebrations, and Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding.

She was present for Flora Ogilvy’s wedding, which the Queen’s distant cousin Princess Alexandra also attended. At the wedding, which was held at St. James’ Church in Piccadilly, London, several royal guests were in attendance.

Claudia Winkleman and her mother

Photos of Claudia Winkleman and her mother

Barry Winkleman Grandchildren

Barry has three grandchildren from his first daughter: Matilda, Arthur, and Jake Thykier. They are the children of Kris and Claudia Thykier.

Matilda was brought to the hospital in 2014 after her Halloween outfit caught fire, causing significant injuries. Claudia stated that her eight-year-old daughter inadvertently touched a candle, igniting her clothes.

As a result of the occurrence, the authorities strengthened the restrictions governing costume requirements. Matilda, thankfully, recovered completely.

Barry has grandchildren from his second daughter, Sophia’s, marriage.
On August 15, 2013, Sophie and Frederick welcomed Maud Elizabeth Daphne Marina into the world. Three years later, Winkleman’s second child, Isabella Alexandra May, was born in Chelsea and Westminster Hospital.

Prince George attends Thomas’ Battersea Prep School, where Maud attends. She was also a bridesmaid for Princess Charlotte and Princess Eugenie.



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