Black Woman Defending Herself In Europe Dijoni Twitter Fight Video

Twitter users Put on Salmon or @Dijoni retweeted the video. The video then went viral on Google and various social networking sites. The length of the video is approximately 30 seconds.

In the video, a white man is seen chasing a person of color and violently beating her, but the woman is retaliating to defend herself against the man, and she or the woman is fortunate enough to have him beaten somewhere else in another incident.


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Black Woman Defending Herself In Europe Dijoni Twitter Fight Video

Following the publication of a film of a black woman defending herself in Europe by Don Salmon or @Dijoni on Twitter, an anti-blackness in Europe video is currently trending on Google and social media. Additionally, the Dijoni Twitter Fight Video became popular due to the high demand for this fight video.

The short 30-second viral video on Twitter depicts a confrontation between a black woman and a white man who originally tackled her.

On Twitter, a caption reads, “Anti-Blackness in Europe. She was forced to defend herself in the face of harassment from white supremacists.

Dijoni Twitter Fight Video

The fight video shows a white man attacking a black woman by punching her so hard, but the woman fights back to defend herself from him, and she has a strong move that gets her lucky enough to put him down by punching him multiple times.

People Tweets

“Was this just possibly a fight between two people or was it actually a hate crime, I’m only asking because I noticed there were some black dudes there helping out the white dude that got stomped?”

“This is why racists like to attack in a mob because they are weak. Good on her. She bruck him up”

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