Vancouver Incident Video Alex Bodger Twitter

The viral video Twitter of the TikToker Alex Bodger, Vancouver Starbucks stabbing leaked on Reddit.

A TikToker who documented the stabbing of a Canadian father to demise at the entrance of his daughter and fiancee at a Starbucks is going through backlash after he allegedly took selfies subsequent to the sufferer’s frame and smiled as he filmed the ugly scene.


Vancouver Incident Video Alex Bodger

After pleading with his assailant to stop vaping in front of his 3-year-old daughter, Alex Bodger captured a horrible video of Paul Stanley Schmidt being attacked outside at a Vancouver coffee shop on Sunday, according to the Toronto Sun.
Information stores claim that Bodger, who strolled past Gora Pakora on TikTok, appeared to be smiling while filming the events as they happened.

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“That mum just passed away, brother. He just died, brother, my God!” he cried, angering people who thought he was exploiting the terrible act.

“TikTok technology is this. I’m worried about our deplorable future,” a Twitter user remarked.


Another wrote, “I’m so disgusted through his movements and phrases that I’m speechless…no emotional duration.”

But Bodger advised Global News he was once traumatized by the incident.

“It’s no longer one thing you assume you’re going to peer at the streets of Vancouver on Sunday,” Boger advised the opening. “Every time I consider this case, I have a sense of natural dread in my chest.”

Vancouver Incident Video Alex Bodger Reddit


Inderdeep Singh Gosal, charged with second-degree murder after fatal #Starbucks stabbing yesterday on Granville and Pender street. The man murdered was Paul Stanley Schmidt, whose wife and young daughter were reportedly at the scene. pic.twitter.com/wLA9EuFan1

— Siraj Noorani (@sirajnoorani) March 28, 2023

But in line with one Twitter consumer, Boger additionally took selfies subsequent to the sufferer’s frame or even returned to the scene day after today to smoke.

He later produced a video in which he sought to explain his behavior, saying he often grinned in “embarrassing circumstances.”

“So I was walking down the street when I thought I saw a side road fight, so I started battling against it. I saw some blood when I first started the movie, so I assumed I might have a bloody nose or something, he said in the clip.

“I can’t even begin to imagine what’s happening in my thoughts. Bodger said, “I know he’s dead, but at the same time, this is the first time I’ve ever experienced this, so my head is like, ‘He’s dead,’ so I started screaming.

“The killer was once status there and all I may just assume was once ‘Oh my god – I’m status right here screaming he’s useless…what if he comes operating and kills me.’” But I simply stood there in overall surprise, ‘ he persevered.

Bodger then defined his “debatable” smile.

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