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Free itel Java Games Download For Itel Mobile (240×320)

Itel Java Games Download For Itel Mobile, Itel Java Game 240×320, Button phone game download, itel games download

Welcome to insidegistblog.com. Today, I will be showing you some of the free itel Java games download for your Itel button phones. The games run flawlessly on all Itel Java-powered keypad/touchscreen devices, including the it5231, it5260, it6910, it5613, it5320, and many other Itel Java phones available. Read on to explore the various itel Java games we have brought for you.


Free itel Java Games Download For Itel Mobile

Itel Java Game 240×320

Itel Java games also support a variety of screen sizes, including the most popular Java screen, 240 x 320. There are numerous game genres, such as shooting, action, racing/driving, and fighting.

The Itel Java Games are available on this site and can still be played on Nokia, Samsung, and LG Java phones. More Java games may be found in this post for your pleasure.

Itel Java Games Download

List of Itel Java Games Download For Itel Mobile (240×320)

  • 1: Real Football 2016
  • 2: Zuma’s Revenge
  • 3: Motocross Trial Extreme
  • 4: The Dark Knight Rises
  • 5: Wrath of the Titans
  • 6: The Bourne: Conspiracy
  • 7: WWE Legends of Wrestlemania 3D

1: Real Football 2016

itel Java Games Download For Itel Mobile

Real Football 2016 was created by Gameloft. It can be played on any Java button phone. The Real Football 2016 version has many amazing features that will make the game even more enjoyable. The game features several tournaments and leagues.

The game can be downloaded and played offline for free.

Download Real Football 2016

2: Zuma’s Revenge

itel Java Games Download For Itel Mobile

Zuma’s Revenge, a tile-matching puzzle for Java keypad devices, is available. Your task in this game is to match the revolving tile with the correct balls to deplete the tiles. Clear the balls as soon as they reach the emblem. Itel Java 240×320 and other screen sizes are supported.

Download Zuma’s Revenge

3: Motocross Trial Extreme

itel Java Games Download For Itel Mobile

This motocross racing game is a great way to take your driving skills to the next level. This game will test your driving skills with a challenging and exciting task. 

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To earn the highest score, control your bike and avoid crashing. Start your racing career with the game.

Download Motocross Trial Extreme

4: The Dark Knight Rises

itel Java Games Download For Itel Mobile

The Dark Knight Rises is one of the top-action Java games you can play. Gameloft released the game for keypad mobile in 2012. You can choose to play as Batman or Catwoman in this game. In 8 mega levels, players must fight off the enemies.

This game’s gameplay is amazing. You can complete the game in a day because it is easy. Nevertheless, some missions and points can be difficult to complete. All Java-powered phones are supported by The Dark Knight Rises

Download The Dark Knight Rises

5: Wrath of the Titans

itel Java Games Download For Itel Mobile

Wrath of the Titans Java game is an adventure Java game. This game allows players to take on dangerous missions to rescue Zeus from his captors, Hades and Ares. To free Zeus from his captivity, you must defeat the gods. You will experience 8 exciting levels.

You can download the game from any Java game site, such as Waptrick or Phoneky. You can download the game here.

Download Wrath of the Titans

6: The Bourne: Conspiracy

Java Games Download For Itel

The Bourne Conspiracy action shooter game is available for mobile. This game is fast-paced and challenging. As you attempt to escape, you will need to defeat different enemies such as corrupt cops and bandits.

The best game experience is on a mobile screen of 240×320 pixels

Download The Bourne Conspiracy

7: WWE Legends of Wrestlemania 3D

itel Java Games Download

This is one the most popular fighting games on any Java game. WWE Legends of Wrestlemania 3D features WWE Legends such as Edge, Triple H, and John Cena. Kurt Angle is also featured in this 3D wrestling game.

This game is available on any touchscreen or keypad-based Java-supported Itel smartphone. Enjoy the thrill of fighting!

Download WWE Legends of Wrestlemania 3D

More list of Java Games Download for Itel phones

  1. Rush Hour 3
  2. 3D WWE Smackdown Vs RAW 2009
  3. Real Football 2018
  4. Asphalt Nitro
  5. LEGO Batman
  6. Lost Empire
  7. Green Farm 3
  8. 3D Hummer: Jump & Race
  9. Pro Rally Racing
  10. Midnight Pool 3

How to get Java software installation log files

If an error occurs during installation, the installer creates log files on your computer that include details about the error. Providing us with the log files from a failed installation will allow us to do a thorough analysis of the issue.

Note: We recommend you delete all versions of Java from your system before proceeding. For more information see Java uninstaller tool.

Install Java

Install Java through the command prompt so that it can generate the necessary log files to troubleshoot the issue.

  1. Go to java.com and click on the Free Java Download button.
  2. Click on the Save button and save Java software on the Desktop
  3. Verify that Java software is saved on the Desktop.
  4. Open the Windows Command Prompt window.
    Windows XP: Click Start -> Run -> Type: cmd
    Windows Vista and Windows 7: Click Start -> Type: cmd in the Start Search field.
  5. cd <Java download directory>
    (for example Downloads or Desktop etc.)
  6. In the Command Prompt window Type: <Java download file name.exe /LV* %TEMP%\jreMSI.log
    Where <Java download file name> is name of the file you downloaded. If you download Java using
    Internet Explorer <Java download file name> will be jre-8uX-windows-i586.exe (If you have downloaded Java through Offline method) or JavaSetup8uX.exe (If you have downloaded Java through Online method), where 8uX is the Java update (e.g. 8u25, 8u51 and so on)
    Mozilla Firefox <Java download file name> will be jxpiinstall.exe
    Chrome <Java download file name> will be chromeinstall-8uX.exe where 8uX is the Java update (e.g. 8u25, 8u51 and so on)
  7. Follow all the prompts to complete Java installation.

How to get the log files

Windows 10

In the Search field, type: %TEMP% and press Enter.

Windows 8

Go to Start > Type: %TEMP% in the Search field and press Enter.

Windows Vista and Windows 7

Go to Start > Type: %TEMP% in Start Search field.
Go to Start > Computer > c: > users username > AppData > Local > Temp

Windows XP

Go to Start > Run > Type: %TEMP% and press Enter.
Go to Start > My computer > c: > Documents and Settings User > Local Settings > Temp

Look for following files in Temp folder:

Mac OS X

Navigate to /var/log/

Look for log files:
system.log (Collect only Java installer related logs)


This ends our selection of the best Itel Java games for downloading and playing offline on your mobile phone. These Java games can be played on Android, so read on to find out how to play android java games.

FAQs on itel Jave Games Download

1. How to Install Java Games

  1. Download Java games online.
  2. Transfer the games to your mobile device.
  3. Turn on your mobile device.
  4. Go to the file manager.
  5. Open the folder titled “Java” that you created earlier.
  6. Install Java games by selecting the JAR file for the game that you want to play.

2. Can Java games run on Android?

Most Android games run using Java. It does work. I don’t think there is any Android browser that will run Java applets. Most Android apps are written using the Java language, but Android itself does not have the same type of Java that you would install on your PC and won’t run just any Java program.

3. What app can run Java program on Android?

These are four most popular Java emulators for Android viz, JBED, PhoneME, Jblend, and NetMite. These are arranged in order of their preference. You can use phoneme for non-rooted device, however if your device is rooted try any of the remaining three applications.

4. How to install Java on Android phone?

It is not possible to install Java on Android. All of the popular browsers on the Android platform do not support Java Applets. This means that if there is a website you are trying to access which uses Java Applets to run, unfortunately you’re not going to be able to use it.

5. How to download Java game in mobile?

To get J2ME Loader, follow these steps:

  1. Download the app from Google Play on your compatible Android phone. …
  2. Download the Java games you want from whichever source you fancy. …
  3. Transfer the Java games to your phone’s internal storage or microSD card.
  4. Open the app and find your compatible Java games on the list.

6. How to Code a 2D Game Engine using Java

  1. Setting up the Window with LWJGL.
  2. Adding Event Listeners with GLFW.
  3. Creating a Scene Manager & Delta Time Varia.
  4. How OpenGL Graphics Programming Works.
  5. Drawing the First Square.
  6. Regexes and Shader Abstraction.
  7. Game Camera OpenGL.
  8. GLSL Shaders.

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