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Sally Brompton, an Astrologer, is here with forecasts of what today has in store for you. The New York Post’s Sally Brompton is known to always bring decades of experience in astrology to her everyday horoscopes and predictions for the12 zodiac signs.


Birthday Horoscope for today

You don’t have to be on the go 24 hours a day and the message of your birthday chart is that you will accomplish more if you slow down a bit both at home and at work. Do less work for other people and more for yourself.

New York Post Horoscope Today

Horoscope Date Prediction
Aquarius Daily Horoscope January 20 – February 18 Differences of opinion on the home front are inevitable over the next few days but in a way that’s good because until certain issues are confronted they will continue to fester. Bad feelings can be turned to good feelings if you meet others halfway.
Pisces Daily Horoscope February 19 – March 20 If someone tells you to go one way today you will go the other way. If someone tells you to mind your own business you will stick your nose in for the fun of it. You’re in no mood to take orders, not even from people you love.
Aries Daily Horoscope March 21 – April 19 The Sun leaves your sign tomorrow but that does not mean you should tone down your ambitions. On the contrary, as there is also a solar eclipse in your sign you should be aiming for the stars – they’re a lot closer than you think.
Taurus Daily Horoscope April 20 – May 20 Before the Sun enters your sign tomorrow there is an eclipse in the most sensitive area of your chart, which means you can and you must face up to those inner demons that have been holding you back. There’s actually precious little to fear.
Gemini Daily Horoscope May 21 – June 20 This is a good time to look back over the year so far and assess how much progress you have made both personally and professionally. Chances are you are doing a lot better than you thought you would – and there are even better times to come.
Cancer Daily Horoscope June 21 – July 22 You can be a bit too cautious at times but the approaching eclipse will encourage you to throw off your self-imposed shackles and show the world what you are capable of. Feel free to give the creative side of your nature permission to shine.
Leo Daily Horoscope July 23 – August 22 The Sun’s move into the career area of your chart tomorrow means you will be challenged to do more and do better on the work front over the next few weeks. No more wasting time and energy on trivial activities and trivial people.
Virgo Daily Horoscope August 23 – September 22 Your money situation should get a boost from tomorrow’s eclipse but, more importantly, the Sun’s change of signs will give the adventurous side of your nature a huge assist. It’s there, lurking in the background, but now it will come to the fore.
Libra Daily Horoscope September 23 – October 22 There is a danger you will take what other people say and do too seriously over the next 24 hours. Whatever friends or colleagues say about what you are doing you must not let it distract you. You’re on exactly the right course, so keep going.
Scorpio Daily Horoscope October 23 – November 21 You need to get your act together so you are in tip-top condition to handle the challenges that are coming your way. The Sun’s move into your opposite sign tomorrow means you must expect some opposition to your plans. Fight for what you believe in.
Sagittarius Daily Horoscope November 22 – December 21 If you have strong opinions about a social issue of some kind you must speak up and add your voice to the growing chorus of disapproval. Don’t just support it from afar, get directly involved and add some passion to the cause.
Capricorn Daily Horoscope December 22 – January 19 The Sun moves into the most dynamic area of your chart tomorrow and immediately you will feel the difference both inside and out. You may or may not start something new but whatever you do will be of a quality your rivals cannot match.

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