Killeen Babysitter Kills Toddler Left Unsupervised

The tragic account of how her son was slain at their Killeen, Texas, home by an uncaring nanny was published on Twitter by a grieving mother. The woman with the twitter handle @desslorraine claims that her nanny killed her 8-month-old kid by leaving him unsupervised in the bathtub as she slept off.

Killeen Babysitter Kills Toddler

She shared photos of her dead son in hospital with pipes sticking out of his body as they tried to revive him. Sadly he did not make it.


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Kim Kardashian also went on Twitter to express her sympathy to the mother for the loss.

Killeen Babysitter Kills Toddler

A GoFundMe account has been created to assist the mother in her moment of grief.

Killeen Babysitter Kills Toddler

Killeen Babysitter Kills Toddler

According to Killeen Police, Estrada was supposed to be monitoring 8-month-old Landon Rasmussen on January 11 at a residence on Taylor Renee Drive. Landon was discovered unconscious in a bathtub by first responders that day; he passed away in a hospital on January 29, according to Killeen Police Commander Alex Gearhart.

Since then, police have been looking into the incident, and they recently gave their findings to the Bell County District Attorney’s Office, who will charge Estrada.

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