Man shot for kicking truck at gas station

In the footage, the man escalated the aggression after a man abruptly booted his car; he pulled out a revolver and shot the man.

This video demonstrates how a man who had been wronged by a luxury truck driver got out of his car to defend himself. The man was furious and instead of fighting him, kicked his car many times. The driver of the car shot him as he approached from the back side. The man passed away there and then.


The crazy video has shaken several people on social media, who have reacted to the owner of the truck’s extreme measures in handling the crisis. Many think he took it too far, while others believe the dead man had it coming for him, wondering why he’d kick the man’s car in the first place.

Here are some of the social media reactions to the post:

@iamchurch commented: “It’s NOT justified. You can NOT use deadly force to protect property (in this case the man was kicking the car at the time he got shot). You can only use deadly force to protect yourself and other citizens if their life is at risk. Gotta know the law.”

@harrisonmadumere said: “If only gun will be legalized in Nigeria, trust me we will see more of this. Road safety, police and agbero go d collect wotowoto.”

@ash_bakre said: “Day wey person jam my motor for 3mb…as I come down see 3 people drop from the other car with igbo aka loud…I just enter my motor go speak English with insurance jeje…”

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