Marcos Alonso Murder Story – Everything to know

On and off the field, football players are looked up to as role models. In actuality, most of them have exceeded expectations. What about those who chance to commit murder in the middle of much commotion? Now, it’s fantastic!

The Chelsea defender’s head has been clouded by the taint of one player who was found guilty of murder.

Marcos Alonso Murder

Marcos Alonso Murder: What actually took place?

Alonso, 20, reportedly crashed his BMW into a rock wall in the middle of Madrid, the capital of Spain, in 2014 after a night out with friends at a bar.

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Players were driving three companions, all of whom needed to be rescued by firefighters in Madrid from the backseat of the totaled vehicle.

Marcos Alonso Murder

One passenger, a 22-year-old woman, was taken to the hospital with an intracranial injury but died only 30 minutes later. Another female was believed to have had major injuries to her belly and thorax, and Real Madrid student Jaime Navarro, who was the fourth passenger, reportedly underwent treatment for a broken collar bone.

Marcos Alonso Murder

Although a lawsuit was filed against him, the Spaniard managed to avoid serving four years in prison. However, he was found guilty of exceeding the legal alcohol limit and speeding, and as a result, received a fine of more than £50,000 and a driving restriction.

Because it was an accident rather than a planned act, he just had to pay a fine. Since that time, Alonso had been troubled by the incident.

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Alonso, who played for Bolton at the time in the English Premier League, made just one appearance for Real Madrid’s first squad.

He is the grandson of former Real defender Marquitos and the son of the same-named former Barcelona and Atletico Madrid midfielder.

Marcos Alonso Murder

In 2017, some Spurs supporters appeared to be making fun of the defender by carrying a unique banner on the lengthy trip to Huddersfield.

The words “Marcos Alonso killed a girl” were sandwiched between the “no alcohol” emblem and a picture of the car.

Originally facing four years in prison, Alonso had his sentence reduced to 21 months and it was later dropped completely, as the full-back paid €500,000 in an out-of-court settlement to the victim’s family.

The high-flying full-back is currently a regular feature for Chelsea in the Premier League, but the Spaniard arguably deserved more punishment for causing the death of an innocent 22-year-old.

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